Ride Safely With Britax ADVOCATE CS Convertible Car Seat Review And Giveaway

Isabella is reaching the stage where she is getting tired of laying in her infant car seat. She wants to be up looking around. We knew it was time to make the switch to a convertible car seat.

Britax has been a leader in mobile safety for more than 70 years so I knew they were a name that I could trust with my children. I learned that their engineers have brought more innovations like Versa-Tether™ and True Side Impact Protection™ to child seat safety than anyone else in the world. In addition to car seats, they also have strollers.

Britax sent us the Kathryn Advocate CS Convertible Car Seat.

A new convertible child safety seat that features patented Side Impact Cushion™ Technology is now available from Britax Child Safety Inc., making it the safest car seat in the Britax product line. The Britax Advocate™ CS introduces energy-managing side impact cushion technology which dramatically improves the safety of child seat occupants and their adjacent passengers in the event of a side impact crash.

The Advocate CS is meant for babies that range in weight from 5-65pounds and in height from 18-49inches. This could actually be your baby’s first car seat and it would last them for several years. It allows babies to be rear facing from 5-35 pounds and can be turned around for toddlers after they are 1 year old and weight more than 20 pounds. As we all know, it is best to keep your child rear facing for as long as possible.

The side impact technology reduces side impact crash energy by 50%, by diverting crash forces away from the child. This car seat is really large, but it makes me feel better. It takes 368 pounds of pressure to compress so there is less crash force that reaches the child. The Side Impact Technology goes down the entire side of the car seat, not just around the head.

A five-point harness system is designed to make contact with the strongest parts of the body – the hips and shoulders, and transfer crash forces over those strong parts of the body.

The Energy-Absorbing Versa-Tether is a strap near the top of the seat that anchors the car seat to the car. It can be used when they are rear facing or forward facing. Below are pictures to demonstrate how it is used. The picture on your left is a child seat with a tether. The picture on your right demonstrates what happens if the tether is not used.

EPS foam is used to absorb some of that crash force energy. Britax has placed the foam where it is needed so your child does not absorb all of the energy in a crash.

The LATCH System allows the seat to stay in place. The connector clicks onto the anchors in your car. I love how easy it is to take the seat out or put it in. Simply push the red button to release the connector and take the seat out.

The Harness Ultra-Guard System(HUGS) helps reduce forward movement of the child in a crash by adding friction to the harness against their chest as they move forward, similar to break pads on a car.

After watching the video and reading all of the features, I feel confident that I’m doing everything that I can to keep my baby safe in the event of a crash. Not only is the car seat safe, but it is super comfy. She has napped peacefully in the seat several times and it has forward and rear recline so that the child is always comfortable.

My first instinct was to go with a gender neutral color, but I absolutely love the Kathryn print. They did a great job with the design of the seat and the fabric choices. Even though it takes up a large part of my back seat, I am so glad that I have Isabella in the Britax Advocate CS with all of its safety features.

Visit Britax to view all of the features of the Advocate CS and to see all of the other amazing products that they offer.

Ride Safely With Britax ADVOCATE CS Convertible Car Seat Review And Giveaway

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