Parenting Questions Answered – Labor

I know many of my readers are pregnant. Some of you already have children, and some of you haven’t. I don’t know about you, but I always like hearing birth stories. I am amazed by those women who are in labor for 20 some odd hours…or more!

They started the pitocin at about 8am with Evan and they finally broke my water sometime after 12. He was born about 3 hours later. So all together, it was about 7 hours.

They started pitocin sometime after 8 with Isabella and the doctor broke my water around 9. Isabella was born about 1 1/2 hours later so I was in labor less than 3 hours with her.

I was already 5 cm with BOTH kids before I was I was halfway there. I was having contractions and SLOWLY progressing for the whole last month of both of my pregnancies.

I’m a little worried about having another one. I’m scared I’ll have it on my way to the hospital if my water were to break on its own! 🙂

So I’m curious, How long where you in labor?

Parenting Questions Answered – Labor

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