Mudpuppy Ring Flash Cards Review And Giveaway

I am always in search of products that are fun for Evan and help with his education. I believe that since I stay home with him, I should try and take advantage of any opportunity to help him learn and get him ready for school.

Even though he’s so young, he is still able to learn from everything that he does! Mudpuppy has a fantastic selection of toys and other educational products to help your children get a jump start on learning.

Ring Flash Cards

Flash cards were always the easiest way for me to learn. Even when I was in College for Nursing I would make up flash cards and quiz myself. If you continue to see the same information over and over again, it’s going to sink in.

Mudpuppy carries sets of flash cards to teach children everything from ABCs to Rhyme Time. Each set comes with 26 5″ x 2-1/4″ two sided cards.


We received the Under The Sea set. Each card has a creature that lives under the sea pictured on one side with facts about that sea creature on the other side. We’ve only had them a week, but Evan already knows to say shark instead of fish.

Right now we’re just learning what the names of the creatures are. As he gets older he will learn the facts about each one. We can easily learn these before he starts preschool in the next few years and he will already have a head start on learning about things under the sea.

The Ring Flash Cards are meant for children over three but I think you can start teaching your children with these long before they turn three! I want to get him all of the sets that Mudpuppy carries.

Sticker Play Scenes

Imagination is one of the best ways children can express themselves. The Sticker Play Scenes have over 50 reusable vinyl stickers that children can use to recreate different scenes.

Mudpuppy carries several different themes including Rush Hour and Ballerinas. The Original Play Scenes are 9″ x 12″ closed fold up and have a handle for easy transportation. They now have Mini Play Scenes that measure 7-3/4″ x 8″closed.

We received the Pirate Play Scene.

Even though my little man is a little young to use the stickers to act out different adventures, he is still learning other simple skills. He has learned to take the stickers off of the pages and place them wherever he wants.

Every time he puts a new one on the board he claps and smiles. He knows that he can do as he pleases with the stickers. If he wants to put the fish on the land, he can do that. Right now he’s just having a good time taking the stickers and placing them in the spot he thinks is best.

As he gets older, these will be great to take in the car on road trips. He will be able to entertain himself for quite a while with acting out different adventures with his pirates. The pirates even come with different accessories such as a hood arm and peg leg that he can change up if he wants to.

Other items Mudpuppy Carries
The Ring Flash Cards and Sticker Play Scenes are just two of the many items Mudpuppy carries. A few other products include:
-Money Banks
-Magnetic Figures
-And MUCH More

Buy It
You can purchase a set of Ring Flash Cards for $12 and the 9 x 12″ Sticker Play Scenes are $13.00.


Mudpuppy is offering a set of Ring Flash Cards to one of my readers. The winner will get to choose which set they’d like.

Mudpuppy Ring Flash Cards Review And Giveaway

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