Mrs Smith’s Diaper Bag Review And Giveaway TWO WINNERS

A great diaper bag is a must when you have small children. You need to be able to fit all of the necessities in it, but it also has to be organized so that everything can be found quickly.

Mrs Smith’s Diaper Bags are large enough for all of your needs and provide several places to keep it all organized. The diaper bags were created when owner, Rachael Smith, struggled to dig through her diaper bag in hopes to find her son’s toy and her daughter’s bottle in an airport one day. In frustration, she ended up having to dump the whole bag out. She decided to design the “perfect diaper bag” while on the plane that day.

Whoda Thought sent me the Mrs. Smith’s Pink Polka Dots Diaper.

Not only is it absolutely adorable, but the design ensures that everything that you pack is available without having to search. A full sized, washable changing pad is included with the diaper bag as well as a pull out tray for snacks or toys. The diaper bag can even be converted into a back pack. Simply unhook the messenger strap and remove the shoulder pad. Thread the strap through the loop behind documents pouch. Attach hooks to the D-clips at the bottom of the back of the bag and size accordingly.

How to organize the bag is up to you. There are plenty of pockets up top and on the sides so that you can arrange items in a way that makes the most sense. They recommend that you place clothing, bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, band-aids, diapers and diaper cream in the top portion. After a little trial and error, that is mostly what I keep in the top of my diaper bag. I also keep my wallet, a camera, an extra burp cloth, and bib up there for easy access. I put my cell phone, keys, water bottle, and sippy cups in the pockets that are around the outside of the bag.

The bottom zips open to reveal a pull out drawer with dividers. Isabella is just starting to eat baby food, so soon I will be storing jars and spoons in there as well. Right now I keep extra bows, shoes, diaper rash ointment, infant Tylenol, and a few toys in the drawer because I often forget to grab them before I leave home.

I emptied out everything in the diaper bag so that you could see how much it holds. It’s hard to tell, but the toys are sitting on diapers, the container with baby cereal is sitting on top of my wallet and checkbook. A pair of Evan’s jeans are also underneath Isabella’s clothes in this picture.

Here it is all back in the bag and I even have extra room for more things. You can also see the changing pad that is rolled up at the top of the bag that I forgot to put in the picture above.

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Mrs Smith’s Diaper Bag Review And Giveaway TWO WINNERS

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