Leap Frog Tag Junior Review And Giveaway

Evan loves to read. He likes to look at the pictures and make up his own version of the story. He brings a book and comes to get in bed with us every morning so that we can read to him.

He can have help reading by himself with the Tag Junior from Leap Frog. As I’ve told you before, Leap Frog has some of the most innovative, technology-based educational products. They have several resources available on their website to aid with the learning process including a special Parents Community and Learning Path.

Leap Frog sent Evan a Tag Junior.

The Tag Junior is meant for children 2-4 years old and includes the Tag Junior book pal, USB cable, parent guide, and “If I Were…” sampler book. The book pal requires 2 AAA batteries that are not included. Parents can download the audio for up to 5 books at a time after installing the Leapfrog connect application onto the computer. Simply open the battery cover and plug the USB into the book pal and follow instructions.

The Tag Junior exceeded my expectations. The sampler book that is included has over 70 audio responses when Evan plays with it. He will be getting more Tag Junior books for Christmas and those have over 150 responses. The sample book aids in teaching Evan colors, animals, and rhyming. There is even a volume button that we can turn to low when Isabella is napping.

It is completely interactive. I was able to go online and personalize it with Evan’s name. It greets Evan when it turns on and tells him good bye when it is turned off. There are printable coloring and activity pages that are also available for each book to expand learning.

The Tag Junior is perfect for getting toddlers excited about reading. It allows them to explore books in a way that I’ve never seen. Not only does it make fun sounds when a character or word is touched, but it also asks questions to encourage them to explore the pages.

Be sure to check out Leap Frog for more gift ideas.

Leap Frog Tag Junior Review And Giveaway

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