FloorMall.Com Floors And Area Rugs With $200 Area Rug Giveaway

If you’ve been following for a while, you’re probably aware that our house is up for sale. There are plenty of things I look forward to changing for my next house. With two small children, I will definitely be putting down hardwood floors or Laminate Flooring in most of the house versus carpet.

FloorMall.com has everything that I need to get started. They offer everything from hardwoods and tiles to area rugs that will cover those floors. Consumers have the chance to browse through several different manufacturers so that they have a fantastic variety at their fingertips.

After browsing FloorMall.com, there are several items on my wish list for the next house. I like darker hardwoods and I saw the Mullican Ridgecrest Maple Caramel 5inX1/2in for $3.94/sq ft.

Since I’m not sure exactly what color I would need by looking at a picture online, I can easily request a sample to be sent to my home. When I’m in my next house, I will be sure to get several different colors to place on the floors so I can make my decision.

I have also always wanted glass tiles for my bathroom. They really look amazing.

I would also need area rugs to cover the hardwood floors so my kids could still sit on the floor to play and watch television. I am more modern when it comes to decorating and would go with something like this Contemporary Area Rug depending on my color scheme.

There is also a huge selection of area rugs under $200. This ladybug ABC area rug caught my eye and thought it would be great if you home school or have a playroom.

Whatever you’re flooring(or wall tile) needs, FloorMall.com is sure to have it. Like snagging deals? Check out their catalog blowouts or browse through their coupons! The variety of their selection is fantastic, so be sure to take a look at everything they have to offer.

FloorMall.Com Floors And Area Rugs With $200 Area Rug Giveaway

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