Vtech Baby Amaze Learn to Talk & Read Baby Doll

Vtech provided us with a sample to facilitate this review.

Everything is "smart" these days.... even baby dolls! The Baby Amaze Learn to Talk & Read Baby Doll by vtech, is an interactive talking baby doll that learns to talk and actually "grows up." The baby starts in "newborn" mode and then the more you talk to her, the more words and phrases she learns and repeats.

The baby has a soft cuddly body with a well disguised battery pack inside. Her face, hands, and feet are hard plastic.

On her bib are three buttons. The first is a pic of a bottle, this is the "Caring" button. If you press this button the baby will tell you what she "needs." Milk, Pacifier, story, etc.
The next button is "Talk With Me," it has the letter A in a text bubbles. If you press this button you are are inviting the baby to talk to you. She will ask you a question and when you answer, she will try to repeat your answer.

The last button on her chest is the "Reading" button. When you press this one you can read aloud to the baby, listen and she will read aloud to you, or you can teach the baby to read.

Baby Amaze comes with 3 Vocabulary books: My Home, Food Fun, and Animals. These books are just like the board books you would buy to teach a real baby to talk by looking at pictures and teaching them the names. These are the books you can read to her, or she can read to you. There are over 70 words for her to learn!

The music button located on the babies belly plays music that the baby hums along too. While the music plays the babies bow also lights up.

Baby Amaze also comes with a bottle and pacifier. She will make sounds sucking on the pacifier and will also drink her bottle.
The baby can also be easily reset back to newborn mode so that your child can teach her again!

My daughter is only one. Currently her favorite things to do with the baby are listen to the music, watch the light up bow, and give her the bottle and pacifier.

Baby Amaze is perfect for my older daughter and younger daughter to play with together. My older daughter can read the books and both the baby doll and my one year old can repeat the words together. This gets a big kick out of everyone!

Guess who is learning in the process of teaching the doll to talk! It's a win win!

When my younger daughter is ready to be the "teacher," we can reset the baby doll to newborn mode and start again. This is definitely a great doll. The perfect mix of a cuddly baby and a learning toy. I would definitely recommend her as a great gift for a special girl. I am planning on purchasing the compatible Baby Amaze 3-in-1 Care & Learn Stroller which is sold separately.
You can get yours at VTechKids.com or ToysRUs.com

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Terri said...

My youngest granddaughter has been playing with her sister's baby doll but wants her own. This doll looks perfect for her. This Baby Amaze doll looks like another great product from VTech.

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