Tips for Helping Your Teen Succeed at Driving

Everyone is a new driver at one point of their life. Learning to drive for young teens is a passage into adulthood. Your child is about to embark on their journey of independence. Some young teens pick updriving fast and easy, while others take time and need lots of practice.
Some high schools offer Driver’s Ed classes for students to learn and practice driving. There, students learn the rules of the road and get hands-on experience driving a car. If that is not an option, there are driving schools that offer the same experience at higher or lower costs. Most of these driving schools charge money based on the age of the new driver and the hours of practice desired.
  • The one thing to remember as parents of young new drivers is that practice makes perfect. Before new, young drivers get their official license they receive a learning permit. This allows them to drive with a licensed adult in order to gain experience. Most young, new drivers are even required to reach a certain amount of hours of experience before obtaining their official license.
Helping your teen learn to drive can certainly be nerve racking. As a passenger, you might be afraid of accidents, so practice in areas that are mostly empty and very spacious, such as parking lots. By being in an empty parking lot, your teen won’t be worried about hitting anything. Once they get confident in operating the vehicle, they can soon venture onto the road. Take it as slow as necessary. Making your teen feel confident behind the wheel is the most important step.
  • Remember that driving can be a nerve racking experience for your teen as well. The best thing you can do as parents is to remain calm and collected. If your child makes a mistake, calmly explain to them their error. Bring up the issue when they are in a stopped position. Your child might make mistakes on the road and sometimes it’s helpful for others to be aware that the driver is learning.
You can buy stickers that you can place on the car that usually have “New Driver”. This alerts other drivers to be careful when driving behind or alongside the car. Eventually both your child and you will be confident in their driving ability and they will soon be taking their first driving test. Not everyone passes their driver’s test on the first time. If your teen returns without his license don’t fret, use that experience as a learning experience and after some more practice encourage them to try again.
If your teen did succeed, it might be time to look into some teen insurance or extra coverage. Car insurance from Acceptance offers high risk policies and can combine different types of insurance. Young, new drivers are more prone to accidents in their early years due to a lack of experience, so extra coverage is something to think about. Don’t be afraid to go to your insurance company to discuss extra coverage and bring along your new driver so they can start to learn about how insurance works too.
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