Create a Great Living Space for the Whole Family

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Themes provide a wonderful and cohesive interior decorating framework. An important part of decorating rooms per specific themes involves hanging pictures in each room. Read on for some great tips about how to create a warm and personal living space for your entire family.

Child's Room
Most children are bent obsessed with a certain theme. There are dinosaur enthusiasts, as well as
princess enthusiasts. These preferences can also change with time, so it is great to use pictures as a way to bring forth a theme without being overly committed to it. If your child's preferences change greatly over time, you can always hang different pictures to correlate with the new theme. Sometimes a theme can even simply grow and transition over time. For example, if your young daughter loves princesses now, feel free to hang pictures of characters from her favorite movies or books. You may even want to add something very unique, such as a bejeweled picture featuring her name. When she is older, perhaps she will be inspired by scenes of castles and royalty, and those pictures can be used at that time.

Popular kitchen themes are often food or drink related. For example, if you would like to create a coffee themed kitchen, you may want to include framed black and white photographs from an actual coffee shop, vintage coffee pictures, or coffee paintings in rich browns and reds. Add to the theme by displaying some cool coffee cans and mugs.

bathroom is a great place to focus on water related themes. Some examples of this are nautical themes and laundry themes. Experiment with hanging pictures of the ocean, seashells, or lighthouses. It is easy to find coordinating shower curtains and rugs. You could even add a buoy or some driftwood. Laundry themed bathrooms might include pictures of vintage claw foot tubs, or framed photos of colorful clothes drying on an outside clothesline. Some bathrooms even double as laundry rooms, so the washing theme pulls this type of room together in a very nice way.

Living Room
If your family is especially interested in the outdoors, you may want to create an earthly theme for the living room. Pictures or paintings of wildlife, waterfalls, and beautiful trees and flowers all add to the theme. Consider using frames made of natural substances, such as wood. Choose shades based on the colors reflected in your furniture and rugs.

The foyer is the first impression of your home. It is also the area where coming and going occurs. Think about the movement of this space and choose a theme based on travel. You can emphasize your theme by hanging pictures of a certain city or region of the world. Think of life as a grand adventure as you come and go from your home.

Regardless of the theme that you choose for each room, pictures are a great enhancer and focal point for any space. Experiment with various sizes and prints, and enjoy making your living space beauty and personalized!

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