Travel Safely With Graco® My Ride™ 65 Safety Surround Side Impact Protection Convertible Car Seat {Review}

Graco sent me the My Ride™ 65 Safety Surround Side Impact Protection Convertible Car Seat in Stargazer to try out at no cost to me.

It's been several months since I've posted (sorry, Dee!!), but this review was definitely worth the time.  I am ANAL about car seats.  ANAL.  As an ER nurse, I saw some tragedies that were unforgettable.  Not every tragedy can be avoided, but the right car seat can go a long way in affecting the outcome of an accident.  Right car seat, right fit, right installation.  It's all so important.

So when Graco approached us about reviewing this car seat, I jumped on it.  Our current seats are different brands because of safety ratings, but Graco has been right up there with them.  In fact, the Graco My Ride 65 is one of the recommended car seats in its class by Consumer Reports.  Because side impact is often the most deadly for infants and toddlers, Graco has increased head and body support with incredible foam cushioning for maximum protection. 

Below is the top view with the toddler head support removed.

And while safety is of chief concern, ease of use and the way the seat fits in the vehicle are factors to be considered.  Graco gets an excellent rating for front-facing fit to vehicle, although the score drops to "good" for rear-facing fit to vehicle.  Let's be fair.  These convertible seats are HUGE.  Even in my massive Ford Excursion, we would be hard pressed to fit it rear-facing.  I don't think that can be avoided, personally.
I love that it offers two cup holders, the material is plush and comfortable for hot or cold weather, and the seat is well padded. 

During long trips, a padded bottom makes a big difference because they can't shift in their seats like you and I can to circulate blood flow.  There are no pressure points in the back, either. 

The My Ride 65 has excellent support cushions that would well support even a newborn.  While you may want to add a head support, you wouldn't need to add a full body support pillow like so many seats need.  
While the black material shows EVERYTHING (as you can plainly see!), it is removable and machine-washable. 
My two year old, Annabel, is petite, so I left the body support cushion in place.  I love that she isn't floating in the seat but rather held securely in place.  I took out the upper head support, though, because it seemed to push her head forward.  This may be different in a rear-facing reclined position.

This was simple to remove.  It simply threads through the seat and is held together by Velcro and a D-ring.

Adjusting the seat was simple on all fronts -- once you know where everything is!  Honestly, it's so simple that it was easy to miss.  To adjust the recline, simply adjust the pop the gray arches in or out on the bottom.

Very easy, BUT you can't adjust it while the seat is installed.  This isn't a big deal to me, but it's good to be aware of.

Annabel isn't really able to clip herself in just yet, so ease of use on the clips and buckle aren't relevant for us yet.  I really prefer the buckle on the Graco Nautilus booster seat because it is much easier for little hands to manipulate themselves, but that is only beneficial for older children who won't be unbuckling themselves at inappropriate times (like while going 70 mph on the interstate).

As is standard in most seats, you have an indicator to confirm proper incline.

I found the car seat to be lightweight, especially considering its size, and simple to install.  It comes equipped with the latch system.

I found it convenient that the latches can be conveniently clipped to the seat when not in use.

As you can see, this is a substantial car seat.  Always check the ball indicator for proper positioning.  Also, don't forget to use the back tether strap to secure the seat.

If you have any questions at all about proper car seat installation, find a facility in your area that checks both the installation and the fit for your child. 

Here is a quick feature summary of this car seat: 
  • 5-point front-adjust harness system keeps baby secure and makes in and out easy on parents
  • Seat also features EPS, energy absorbing foam, removable infant insert and toddler headrest help keep your child cozy and secure
  • Safety Surround Side Impact Protection meets both Graco® and European Side Impact Standards
  • LATCH equipped with an easy-to-read level indicator ensures hassle-free installation
  • Removable seat pad is machine washable
  • Rear-facing from 4 to 40 lbs; Forward-facing from 20 to 65 lbs.
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Imported

  • If you are in the market for a convertible car seat, I highly recommend the Graco My Ride 65 with Safety Surround.

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    QueenB said...

    graco was the first car seat we purchased!! all 3 of my kids came home from the hospital in a snugride. i love the higher weight seats that are out, and this has some great safety feature

    JoAnn Torres said...

    This is very informative! I don't know much about car seats, good to learn!

    Anonymous said...

    I love Graco products. Graco makes such quality products: durable and innovative.

    Jen B said...

    This looks like a very safe and comfortable car seat. I have been looking for a good car seat for my toddler.

    Shauna Torres said...

    wow, look at the padding around that car seat; I can totally see how it is so safe. Thank you

    Elizabeth said...

    i don't have kids-- but it looks like a great car seat to me :)

    Angela said...

    It looks comfy and sounds very safe - the perfect combination.

    debdenny said...

    That looks like a sturdy and reliable seat!

    Amy Desrosiers said...

    These look like they are getting better, and better! I wonder how they'd compare to my Diono?

    Mommy 2 J.A.M. said...

    I need a new car seats and with the new laws coming out I am so confused. I didn't know if you are allowed to use the latch system or not. I always have the local CHP officers check my carseats after I install them as a precaution. Thank you so much for sharing, I ned a new car seat for my little guy.

    Lisa said...

    Looks like a great car seat!

    Jessica Harlow said...

    This looks like a high quality seat with priorities being safety and comfort. This is good info for me to have as my SIL is expecting in February and they have been researching carseats! Thanks!

    Cynthia Landrie said...

    Car seats have really changed. This is a great seat with so many wonderful features.

    Malia said...

    Sounds like this is a really good car seat!

    Marina@EBMR said...

    I love their newer more study models. We've bought our new baby a Graco and can't wait to get the seat fitted in

    Haasiegirl said...

    We have this one actually and I love it!


    Melanie said...

    Sure looks like a GREAT car seat; Graco has always been in our cars for the kids, too and we couldn't be any happier.. Car seat safety is a MUSt in my car..thanks for sharing

    Mama to 5 said...

    love this brand, looks like great safety features!

    Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

    This looks like an awesome car seat! Safety is so important when transporting kids.

    Annie Stow said...

    Thanks for sharing this info! We'll be moving into a new convertible seat soon!

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