Building an Alternative Family: What's Right for You?

Guest Post by Molly P.

You've decided that you want to start a family. Many people find that conventional conception methods aren't in the cards for them. Sometimes it's due to social, biological, or moral reasons. Other times, it's due to personal preference or necessitated by lifestyle. There are many alternative family building options available out there, and more and more people are taking advantage of them every day. The question is deciding which one is right for you and your specific situation.

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Select a Surrogate
If your equipment isn't functioning or if you'd just prefer to not carry the baby yourself, you can use a surrogate. This essentially involves a third party agreeing to be implanted with an embryo containing your genetic traits, carry the baby to term, and then giving the baby over to you once he or she is born.

Sometimes the surrogate is a friend or family member, but other times, it's another person altogether who offers their services. You'll need to fund fertility treatment and insemination costs, as well as her medical care, and other miscellaneous costs associated with surrogate parenting. It's not for everyone, but it's a viable option for folks who wish to have a child who is biologically linked to them but is unable to carry it traditionally.

Egg or Sperm Donation
No matter the sexual preferences or types of a couple or person, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) can be a useful way to select specific genetic traits because it also offers the scope to choose a particular egg or sperm donor whose genes can be passed on to the fetus/baby. Look for more information on the details of receiving frozen donor eggs at
The possibility of becoming pregnant with multiples is also significantly higher with this option, so be prepared for that. The process of egg or sperm donation also allows single men and women to become parents and begin to build their family on their own terms.

If you decide that the cost of in vitro fertilization and using a surrogate mother is too extensive -- as is often the case -- you may want to consider whether adoption could be an option for you. Many couples say the idea of opening their homes up to a child who needs a family is immensely rewarding.
If you decide that adoption is the right way to go, you'll need to first go through a rigorous screening process involving an adoption agency. Understand and accept that it can take a few years to be able to adopt an infant. It's often faster to adopt a toddler or an older child, though. Adoption agencies around the country can help walk you through every step of the adoption process. There are a lot of legalities involved, so consult with an attorney throughout the process as well. The agency you select and your attorney will help walk you through the entire process, and make sure you're fully prepared to bring home this new member of your family.

Many families who participate in the foster care system find it to be a wonderful experience. When you provide foster care for a child, you take part in a pivotal process that involves removing them from poor or unsafe conditions, and you'll likely help shape the rest of their life. Kids in the foster care system can spend months with families, but others spend years. Most states provide financial compensation for the costs that foster parents are responsible for. The amounts depend on the age and needs of the child. They also vary from state to state.
Fostering a child can be a great way to ready your household for your future children, and to see if you have what it takes to raise your own child. Who knows? You may end up adopting a child in your care as well. It's all up to you.
No matter which route you end up taking, the decision to start a family is always the hardest part. Once you've had a chance to look at all the alternative family building options that are available to you, you can start a serious process of choosing which one is right for you. Self-reflection, financial readiness, and personal preference might play into your thought process. No matter which way you go during your family building journey, stay up to date on the latest developments and health news to make sure you've got all the facts.

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Author Bio:s, travel, finance, education, health, etc. You can find her on Twitter as @WriterMollyP.ce, education, health, etc. You can find her on Twitter as @WriterMollyP.

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