Holiday Gift Guides, Business Trips, And Viruses, Oh My!

Do you ever have those weeks where you're a bit overwhelmed?  Yeah, me too.  My husband has been on a business trip, which means the kids just had to get sick.  I applaud you single moms and military wives.  Thankfully my husband is back at my side and my littles are all better, so we are getting Evan out of school early and having lots of fun over the next few days.

Even though I have been absent on the blog, I have been checking my emails and have so many great items lined up for the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide.  It officially starts November 1st, but check my giveaway sidebar for great gift ideas such as The Little Mermaid and Little Tikes Table & Chairs.

If you have a product that you would like considered for this year's Gift Guide, email Dee at  I will be back to blogging next week!
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cheryl c said...

I am looking forward to the Holiday Gift Guide. I love Christmas shopping!

Karen Glatt said...

I really enjoy coming to your blog and entering your fun giveaways. I am excited about what you will have going on with the Holiday Gift Guide. Sorry to hear that your kids got sick.

Rebecca Parsons said...

Glad they are feeling better. I am getting excited for Christmas this year, and can't wait to look through your Holiday Gift Guide!

Andrina Goetz said...

Really looking forward to the holiday gift guide. :-)

Karina said...

The only time my kids get sick is when my husband is out of town!! -great blog!

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