How To Make Your Own Mickey Mouse Ears For Disney World

As I prepared for our Disney trip, I saw many Pinterest posts about how to make your own Mickey Ears.  I knew the Mickey hats are about $15, so I figured I'd save a bunch and make our own before we left.  All of the DIY Mickey Ear pins seemed to be the same - this is the one I used.  Mine turned out great!

After we got to Disney, I did see similar ears at the discount gift shops all over Orlando for about $6 each.  If you need 5 like we do, making your own cost less than $10 for all of them, so it was definitely the best way to go.  Here's what you'll need-
  • Headbands(you can get a pack from the Dollar Store-two of ours in the pack happened to be black or silver glitter so I didn't even cover those with felt!)
  • Thin black felt(1 sheet per headband)
  • Thick black felt(I used 3 sheets to make 6 headbands)
  • Glue/Glue gun(you'll need more than you think - I probably went through 15 small sticks for 6 ears)
  • Scissors
  • Foam sheets
  • White Crayon
  • Pen
  • 1 1/2 inch red w/ white polka dot ribbon if any of your headbands will be Minnie.
  • Smaller red ribbon - about 3/8"
Some people buy rolls of felt, because sheets aren't quite long enough for the headbands.  If you do use sheets(like I did), simply cut diagonally in the middle from one corner to the other.  Make sure to cut strips wide enough to cover and wrap around the headband.  This will depend on the width of your headband - for me, I cut strips that were a little over 1" wide.  OR you can buy black headbands - like I said, two of ours from the pack of Dollar Store headbands were black glitter and I didn't bother covering those(I used them for the girls' Minnie Headbands).  We had two of these white ones laying around already that I also used to cover.  Here it is before and after.

Next, you will make the ears.  I used this thicker felt - I put this picture of the label so you could see the dimensions. I was worried it would be too stiff to fold over and use as ear, but it worked great!

I used my tervis tumbler glasses for "circle templates" - you can use whatever circles you can find.  I used the larger size for the black felt.  I left about an inch in between each side of the ear to loop back over the headband.

I used the next smaller size to cut out foam pieces.  I put the smaller cup inside of the template I made for the ears, so that you can see the size difference.  That smaller cup is what I used to trace on the white foam sheets. If you use thick felt for the ears, you will only need one foam piece in each ear.  This is to make it thicker and stick up better.

You glue the foam piece in the center of the ear and then fold it over.  Go around the edges and glue together well, just be sure to leave the bottom open so you can slide your headband into it.

I just used my eye to decide how far apart I wanted the ears - but they all ended up being about 1-1 1/2 inches apart.  Stick your glue gun in the loop and glue to the headband/finish gluing the ears together at the bottoms to keep them in place.

IF you want any of the ears to be Minnie, use your 1 1/2 inch red ribbon.  Cut a piece that is about 9 inches long.  Cut the smaller red ribbon about 2 1/2 inches long - depending on how wide your headband is.  Glue your polka dot ribbon in a circle and squish together to make it look like a bow, then use the smaller red ribbon to hold it in place.

We caught a lot of the supplies on sale(or you can use those 40% off coupons craft stores always have), so I may have spent $7 to make all of these(plus one more just in case one broke).

Want to make your own shirts?  Check out this easy tutorial with lots of pictures!

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Oh that is so cute!! And it saves a lot of money I'm sure from not having to buy the ears there at Disney world.

Molly Wagner said...

Seriously great idea! I don't know why I never thought of this before. We'll most definitely be doing this before we head to Disney next time. Thanks for sharing, pinning the idea now :)

Andrea Kruse said...

Great job! My kids would rather have the headbands for the trip to and from Disney anyway, so this is a great way to make them ahead of time - and save some money!

Heather McDougle said...

I was going to do this exact thing for my daughter's second birthday party in 2 weeks. They turn out so cute!

Kelli Avery said...

How creative!! You'd never even know they were home made!

AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

That is easy! And cute!

As it is, I just paid someone on Etsy to make some ears for me. These are clippies though.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

You are pretty brilliant!!!!!

Katie said...

That looks really easy to do. Thanks for sharing it!

Melissa Pezza said...

THat is so adorable and looks so easy to do!!! Thanks for sharing!

kate said...

hey, the end results look really good! well done! they look very authentic

mail4rosey said...

What a great idea! Pinned it.

ShirleyC said...

Great idea! Your kids are so cute!

One Savvy Mom! said...

Great idea - Pinning This! They look fairly easy to make - will have to try making these for our next trip to Disney. We alway's wind up buying Mouse Ears/Hats each visit as souveniers for the kids, which can get pretty pricey in the Park.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Jen F said...

Very cool idea. I had a friend who did this for her daughter's birthday party too!

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