Step2 Fun Time Room Organizer

I will be continuing my Home Remodel Event after Christmas, but I thought this would be perfect to share with you for the holidays. With family and friends visiting, the Step2 Fun Time Room Organizer will make cleanup easier for kids.  It will keep rooms from looking too cluttered and messy when guests are over.

Assembly was pretty easy and only took about 10 minutes.  Here are all of the pieces.  It comes with 11 bins and stickers to help organization.

The only problem that I ran into was the backing on the bottom.  The pre-drilled holes didn't line up to each other.  I ended up not putting that part on there.

The Organizer came with decals so that we could write on them to help with organization.  I originally thought my husband had thrown them away, but we found them.  We are still working on what will go in the bins, so it is great that the decals are dry erase.

We have many toys that come with many small parts and nothing to keep them together.  The Room Organizer helps us keep similar toys in the same bins.  We have used it more to keep Kallie Jane's baby toys in since the bins are really small and the older kids' bigger toys don't fit very well.  One of the bottom bins does have our collection of small Cars toys that they play with almost daily.  This is a great organizer for smaller rooms, but I wish that it was larger for our playroom.  The bins almost need to be double the size to hold many of our sets.  As Kallie Jane outgrows her infant toys, I'll start using it for things like playdough, crayons, and other art supplies.

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Kathleen Garber said...

We have a product similar this but a different brand. Ours doesn't have labels, what a great idea!

Allyson Bossie said...

I need this for my son. This would hold way more than the toys that he currently owns and would consolidate it all in one space

Kim Croisant said...

I would LOVE one of those...exactly I would take two please!! Great colors and I like how it stacks.

Jennifer Clay said...

I so need one of these!!!

Deanna - Mommygaga said...

My kids' room needs this so bad! They are running out of room for everything, especially toys.

Kelli said...

That is great! My sister needs that for her twins! They just moved to Houston in a 2 bedroom apartment with my mom and my sister and the twins until their house is built and they have no room or storage for all their toys! lol I need to show her this!!! Thanks!

Adin B said...

This would be great in our house since toys are taking over the living. Love the colors and the labels as well. :)

That Bald Chick said...

Looks like a great addition to the room!

VickeC said...

I love this,looks good an plenty of storage too

ArcyEm said...

Fabulous idea! Now if only the kids would cooperate ... ;-)

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