Space Saving Tips For A Small Nursery

Waiting and preparing for a new baby is such an exciting time. There are some truly beautiful nursery furnishings available now, but some of the inspirational pictures make those with smaller living spaces sigh with envy. So how do you fit a baby into a small space? Luckily there are options that help you maximize just about any space without compromising on elegance.

You probably don't need every item available that promises to make your life with a baby convenient. There are great deals available on nursery furniture sets, but they're not suitable if you can't actually fit all the pieces into the room. Plan your space carefully.

Every family differs when it comes to what is the most and least useful piece of baby equipment. It's worth canvassing your friends and family for their advice but also have a good thought about your priorities and the actual amount of space you have. It's no good buying a massive activity table with a bouncing seat if you only have the space for a doorway bouncer. Not every family uses a Moses basket, or even a cot.

Think about where you want the baby to sleep. Remember that the current recommendation is that babies sleep in the same room as their parents for the first six months to help prevent SIDS. What works best for your family? An arms-reach co-sleeper? A mini-cot in the room? Many babies will outgrow a Moses basket long before they reach six months so don't pin your hopes on fitting one into your room for longer than about four months to be on the safe side.

Multi-Purpose, Folding and Portable Furniture
Some fabulous design goes into nursery furniture and this is perhaps most evident in the multi-purpose and folding furniture available. Whether it's a cot that changes size as your baby grows or a beautiful wooden high chair that folds easily for storage there is something pleasing in a piece that is functional yet beautiful.

Changing tables, for instance, can take up a huge amount of space but there are some clever designs that utilize that space more effectively. You can get units that change into a chest of drawers or set of shelves when not in use or after the baby has outgrown the need for a changing table. Some changing stations are made to be placed securely over the cot then stored until needed. There are clever fold-down tables. Or you could skip the changing table altogether and opt for a comfortable padded changing mat on the floor. The key is making sure the baby is safe at all times and that your supplies are easily reachable at every stage of the process. The rest is a matter of style and preference.

Other ideas include buying collapsible drawers to keep under the cot, the wardrobe or anywhere else you have a little space. These are particularly useful for separating out seasonal clothes and, in those first few months, storing the next size or two up. Seating that doubles as storage is a useful too, hiding away more clutter while still being attractive. While the baby is smaller add extra shelves or maybe even an extra rail in the wardrobe to help store the clothes.

Wall space is often under-utilized in the home but it can host shelves, drawers and hanging storage. Shop for nursery products at Argos for inspiration and also have a good look at their other storage solutions, as many can be used in the nursery and coordinate beautifully with your nursery furniture.

Bookshelves and corner shelving can provide a simple yet practical arrangement where space is tight. While they can appear cluttered, a good solution is to use baskets or nice boxes to store clothes and toys among the books and pictures, keeping the room attractive and making the most of the space.

If you're using cloth nappies then one simple space-saving tip is to store the nappies waiting to be washed on the back of the door in a large drawstring or zipped wet bag (with a couple of drops of tea-tree or lavender oil if you use it) rather than having a large bucket or two on the floor.

You should also consider the colour of your nursery. Dark colours and sometimes even very bright colours will make the room appear smaller than it is. Using pale or neutral colours, however, will open up the room, making it feel airier and more calming for the baby and yourself.

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Mudpiesandtiaras said...

Well it may be a sponsored post but those are some great tips!!! I never thought of wall space as wasted space. Definitely something to think on as we prepare for baby 4!

Henrietta said...

I had no idea that the recommendations were to have baby sleep in the same room for the first six months! It's been a long time sing we've had a baby in our home but we always had ours in the same room for at least that long.These are great tips for small nurseries!

Mama to 4 said...

great tips - thank you for sharing!

Nichol said...

Great tips. I never had a changing table as I knew it would be a huge area I wouldn't use. I did have a portable one that I brought around the home. We used a bassinet next to the bed for a long time, so the crib was never used for about 6 months time.

Debbie McConnell said...

Thanks for the tips, I think you could easily incorporate them for use with any room.

Unknown said...

Those are great tips! We are struggling right now with my daughters room. She's in between baby and "big girl" with her furniture and it's getting cramped.

From PDX with Love said...

We never got a changing table. I see no real purpose to it. When my oldest was born we used to live in a one bedroom condo, he slept in a playpen. Once we moved into our 2 bed house, he got a huge, beautiful crib. That was it!!

Great post!!

Brandy said...

I love these tips, I should share with my sister because she has a small small space for the baby that's coming in January!

Kim said...

Having someone help prepare you for the arrival of a baby is so helpful and takes the stress off of mommie. That's so important.

Shelly said...

We had a changing table that was also a dresser. It was less space taken and we could use it as a dresser as he gets older. It worked out well!

Kenyatta Rodriguez said...

Well I am all done having babies but I enjoyed your tips. :) I'll pass them along to a few pregnant moms I know.

Stacey Webb said...

Want to swap stuff while having fun?
Found the some lovely nursery furnitures in a site where you could exchange stuff, uhmmm, like the ones lurking in your closet or your garage. You don't have to spend a penny! You just have to exchange, share and have fun!

TheBookWormMama said...

We also skipped the changing table and opted for a portable mat. Diapers, wipes, etc. can easily be stored in a drawer or basket. Great list and that’s a great tip about keeping a bag on the back of the door.

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