Top Tips for Travelling With Kids

Traveling with children can be challenging to say the least, so challenging that many parents just don’t even bother.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you fear. Some advanced planning can make all the difference in ensuring a positive holiday experience for everyone.

Here are some tips that can help you through the process and have you wondering why you haven’t tried this before!
• Choose your destination carefully and try to eliminate as many obstacles as possible. If you are flying be selective about the time of day you travel in an attempt to disrupt the kids eating and sleeping schedule as little as possible. Also, paying a little bit more for a flight without connections can really make the whole process much less stressful for everyone.
• Take advantage of the help that is offered. Airports are increasingly trying to help make family travelling experiences better, offering luggage porter services to families, as well as family assistance lanes at security. These services are there to help you so don’t hesitate to use them. People want to help so let them!
• Once you arrive at your destination give everybody time to settle in. Don’t plan on dropping off your bags and heading out on a grand adventure immediately unless you want to listen to lots of whining and screaming – it just won’t work.
• Should you be heading across the pond, holiday cottages in the UK are a great accommodation option for families for a number of reasons. There is considerably more space in most cottages then you would get in a hotel, which means you won’t be packed in like sardines for the week. A self-catering holiday cottage can also save you loads of money and patience in the food department as you’ll be able to make your own meals and snacks rather than dragging the kids to a restaurant 3 times a day.
• As challenging as it can be try to keep the kids on some sort of regular schedule, eating and sleeping at similar times to home and giving them chances to just play. Happy kids = happy parents.
• Decide some things that you would like to do in advance and see whether you can buy tickets in advance online. Not only will this often save you money but it will also help you avoid long ticket line-ups.
• Just like the scouts say, always be prepared! Make yourself a small kit that can easily be packed in a bag that sets you up for all eventualities. Snacks, small toys, band aids, pain killers, and wet wipes will all help in a number of situations. Make sure it’s not too big though, a Ziploc freezer bag should be sufficient.
• Last, but not least, recognize from the beginning that travelling with children is completely different from travelling as a couple. There will be no long dinners, or hours spend poking around cute shops. Trying to travel as you would without the children is simply a recipe for disaster, leading to frayed nerves and screaming babies.
Travelling with the kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare, you just need to make some plans in advance and be flexible with your expectations. A 5 year old doesn’t want to spend hours wandering around an art museum so don’t set yourself up for disappointment.

Family holidays are a time to build lasting memories and the best way to do this is to relax and have fun. Try some of the tips on your next family vacation and you are sure to notice a difference!

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Mellissa Hanks said...

Traveling with kids can be such a challenge :O) thanks

Joy Harris said...

I travel with the kiddos all the time. Great advice!

ChainingMagic said...

Those are beautiful cottages! Thank you!

Deanna - Mommygaga said...

Thanks for the tips, we're traveling this summer!

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Traveling with kids is so hard! What great tips!

Luci said...

Great, Great advice. Keeping kids on a schedule of sleeping and eating helps so much.



Christy from said...

I always love reading tips from actual Moms with families rather than those travel magazines. Thank you so much for this! We're heading to the beach for a week in about a month and I'll be referring back ;)

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

These are such great tips. I am new to your blog and am glad that I found it!!

Happy said...

Thanks for the useful tips! Travelling with kids is really very hard, but at the same time interesting. In addition, the ability to open the world for your baby - it's incredible!

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