With another insanely busy week, I am extremely behind with drawing winners. It takes time to verify entries of the winner, email them, write this post, etc, so it often gets put off. Thank you for your patience. Here are the winners from the giveaways that ended over the past few weeks.

The Remington Smooth & Silky Rechargeable Shaver Giveaway had 1,014 comments and the winner is:

The Hoover MaxExtract60 Carpet Cleaner Giveaway had 3,563 comments and the winner is:
Lori A.

The ERGObaby Carrier Giveaway had 1867 comments and the winner is:

The $50 Gift Card Giveaway had 1,147 comments and the winner is:

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Anonymous said...

I'm super excited about the Ergo - I have 3month old twins so we'll really put it to good use. Thanks so much!

Lori A. said...

Thank you SO much!! With 3 kids, a dog and a cat (oh, and a husband! ;) )the carpet cleaner will be well used! :)

abfantom said...

Thank you so much Dee! I'm anxious to try out the Remington shaver.

BTW, I love the name of your blog!


Nancy said...

Congrats to all the winners ~~ enjoy your prizes!!! and thanks for all the fine giveaways!!!

Tinatchick said...

follow you both via twitter @tinatchick

Tinatchick said...!/tinatchick/status/88827838601494528

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries said...

Congrats to the winners!

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