Bacon Quiche Biscuit Cups

I had a can of refrigerated biscuits that was quickly approaching its expiration date, so I went in search of a recipe that included them. After perusing Pillsbury's recipes, I found one where I happened to have all ingredients on hand. These Bacon Quiche Biscuit Cups ended up being even better than I had imagined!  This recipe has been added to our "rotation of favorites".

-5 slices bacon(I keep real crumbled bacon on hand, so I used that)
-1 package (8 oz) cream cheese, softened
-2 tablespoons milk
-2 LAND O LAKES® Eggs(LOL, I used walmart eggs..)
-1/2 cup shredded Swiss cheese (2 oz)(I used cheddar)
-2 tablespoons chopped green onions (2 medium)
-1 can (12 oz) Pillsbury® Grands!® Jr. Golden Layers® refrigerated biscuits

1- Heat oven to 375°F. Spray 10 regular-size muffin cups with CRISCO® Original No-Stick Cooking Spray. In 8-inch skillet, cook bacon until crisp. Drain on paper towels. Crumble bacon; set aside.

2- Meanwhile, in small bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth. Gradually add milk and eggs, beating at low speed until smooth. Stir in Swiss cheese and onions. Set aside.

3- Separate dough into 10 biscuits. Press or roll each to form 5-inch round. Place 1 biscuit round in each muffin cup; firmly press in bottom and up sides, forming 1/4-inch rim. Place half of bacon in bottom of dough-lined muffin cups. Spoon cheese mixture evenly into cups.

4- Bake 21 to 26 minutes or until filling is set and edges of biscuit cups are golden brown(I left in 21 minutes and wish I would have taken them out a little sooner-be sure to check around 18 minutes). Sprinkle each with remaining bacon; lightly press into filling. Remove biscuit cups from pan.

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Whimsical Creations said...

That sounds DELICIOUS!!

Cinnamon Hollow said...

MMMMM sounds and looks soooo gooood! And very easy. I'll have to try these as appetizers at our next family get-together. Thank you for sharing!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

These sound delicious. I have to try these.
Thank you!

Jenny said...

My husband would love these!

Pamela said...

Oh yum! These look amazing.

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Those sound really yummy, I love savory baked goods.

Shannon said...

That looks amazing so going to have to steal that recipe.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

That sounds so good! I have some canned biscuits left over from making donuts this morning. We'll have to try this for breakfast tomorrow:)

BrendaLea, the Prpldy said...

OMG! Those sound awesome...and I keep the real crumbled bacon hand too and have some biscuits ready to expire as well...guess I will be making them today. Thanks for the idea.

BrendaLea A. - Purple Lady
prpldy (at) comcast dot net

Stefani @ said...

I made these this past weekend! Mine came out awesome. I just added the recipe to my blog today and gave you a link..

P.S. Happy Birthday. I hope you are having a great day....

Anonymous said...

I have made these before,for my family. They love them!!

Tea said...

Thanks for sharing,,looks devine

Mama B said...

these look awesome!!

MTgunfighter said...

I am not a big fan of 'real' bacon. I wonder if vegetarian bacon/bacon bits would work?

It's amazing what you can do with a couple of things you probably have around the house... LOL

mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

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