My Favorite Pound Cake Recipe

I grew up in a Southern church full of little old ladies(most of them were related to me) that loved to cook.  I looked forward to those pot luck lunches and family reunions.  Every so often they would compile their favorite recipes into cookbooks and I am fortunate enough to have several that my grandma gave me.  I found this recipe in one of those cookbooks about a year ago and my family loves when I make it.  It is incredibly simple to make, but is a definite favorite.

-2 sticks butter(room temp)
-3 cups sugar
-6 eggs(room temp)
-3 cups all purpose flour
-1 cup whipping cream
-1tsp vanilla extract

Spray a bunt cake pan with cooking spray. DO NOT PREHEAT OVEN.

I use my mixer.  Mix butter and sugar until creamed.  Add eggs one at a time and beat well between each egg.  Add flour and whipping cream - leave mixer on low while doing this.  Put in vanilla and mix well.

Pour into the pan and place into the cold oven.

Turn the oven on 300 degrees and bake for about 80-85 minutes or until the testing stick comes out clean.  The directions say to cool completely, but I think these ladies were crazy!  Let it sit for a few minutes and then dump into a platter - eat it while its still warm - YUM!

You're wishing this was scratch and sniff, aren't you?  Its a little flaky where it baked on the bottom and tastes heavenly - now I'm craving some!

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Lorie Shewbridge said...

Oh my, this looks to die for. I ADORE pound cake and this one looks like one that I could eat at least half in one sitting.
I would really LOVE for you to share it with my followers on my Thursday's Recipe Swap Meet tomorrow.... It's a new meme that my friend Dolly and I have been working on for a couple of months and I'd love for you to join us each Thursday - your recipes are amazing!!

SummerLen said...

I am salivating so flipping hard right now it isn't even funny. nom nom nom!!!!

Tamara said...

Yum! That looks so simple to make too. I've never made my own pound cake but I think I'm going to give it a try. Thanks for sharing. :)

Tennille said...

I am getting ready to try it!! Looks SO Delicious!!!!!! Can't wait for it to be ready!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

That looks so good! We love pound cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream:)

Shelly said...

We love pound cake too!

Hallie Ann said...

Question: can you bake this in a loaf pan? I love pound cake, but prefer not to use a bundt pan. Do you know if the baking instructions are different if you use a different pan? Thanks!

Emily @ Baby Dickey said...

Yummm, that looks so good! Thanks for sharing :)

Lindsey @ Gingerbread Bagels said...

Oh my word does this pound cake look incredible. I LOVE LOVE LOVE pound cake. Thanks for sharing this recipe, I can't wait to try it out! :)

Lori said...

SAVED! Definitely trying this one. What's GREAT about pound cake, is that one typically has all the ingredients on hand! :)

Gianna said...

That looks amazing.. i'm going to try it!
Thanks :)

Mommy Cracked said...

There is just soo much you can do with a pound cake, and this looks like the perfect one! Thanks for sharing this. I'm filing this one.

Tired Mom Tésa said...

This looks so delicious! I haven't had pound cake in ages - keeping this recipe.

LeeAnn said...

Yes, I'm definitely wishing this was scratch and sniff! Sounds delish!

MTgunfighter said...

Looks like it is a lot better than the pound cake in MREs, (meals, ready to eat, enclosed in plastic and stored on a shelf somewhere for a couple of years..)

mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

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