My 365 Project - I'm A Slacker

I started my 365 Project at the beginning of the year and I started to go off track a little when we found out my mother has cancer. I'm still doing pretty good about taking more pictures, but I'm a total slacker at editing them with a watermark and posting. I'm just going to post several from the weeks since I left off and then will start doing my weekly post again next week.

My mom and Isabella

Isabella and I

My family got me a waterproof camera for Christmas and I just got to start using it recently!  I love it!  This is my sister and I.

Evan using my underwater camera to take a picture of me.  My sister and Isabella behind him.

LOL, this is from that same day. Its not always rainbows and unicorns here!

Isabella at Great Wolf Lodge(I've been a slacker about putting  that post up too - coming soon)!

Hubby and Evan playing Frisbee out back a few weeks ago

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

You got some really fun shots! I love the underwater one:) You must have a heater on your has been really warm down here, but the pool is still too chilly for swimming!

bigguysmama said...

I'm terrible at editting too! Your mom looks great. Ugh...again dreaming it was as warm here as it is there. SO can NOT believe you are swimming. Lucky! Thanks for sharing your photos!


alissa4illustration said...

The underwater on is cool! How much did that camera cost? I might want one!

Lisa Noel said...

how cool an underwater camera!!

Mighty M said...

Great pictures - love love that first one of you mom and Isabella.

Zulu said...

You should check out google picassa. I think it has an auto watermark feature. I'm not sure if you are doing it one at a time but I think it will do a group for you.

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