My 365 Project - April 11-17

As I told you last week, I've been a little slack with my 365 project, but I'm back with it. Here are the pictures from last week.

My Monster and Lion at bath time.

She crawls in this Kolcraft Wally Activity Center almost everyday and spins in it while playing with the toys...even though she's 20 months old.

I made a bunch of Easter Cupcakes for Evan's Easter party.  Still kicking myself because most of the pics didn't turn out so great - I was in a rush and had the ISO up WAY too high.

 Evan had his East Party on Thursday.  I don't post pictures of other people's kids, so I put smilley's on their faces for privacy.

Great week at Publix! Isabella's favorite thing right now is Poptarts - I got 6 boxes. :) I also have some great recipes to try out with those 6 large cans of pineapples!
Total - $172.57
Spent - $60.34-$25 Gift card that I won from a giveaway = $35.34 out of pocket.

Little blurry, but Isabella playing in the front yard.

My parents have huge fields that we plant, but I decided to make a small garden in my backyard for easy access to a few plants.  Usually we just throw seeds in the ground, but I got a bunch of seedlings started several weeks ago so we could have earlier plants in addition to the later ones.  Last year I would forget to grab veggies and then kick myself when I got home.  I also want to freeze more this year.

Are you still sticking to your 365 project? Leave me the link and I'll come check it out!

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