Handmade Mother's Day Gift Idea - Coasters

I had photo coasters that my kids had all but destroys. When I saw some old tiles in my parent's garage, I immediately decided to make some new ones. With my recent discussion about what to do with children's artwork, I knew my mom and aunts needed more to add to their collections. My little helpers and I created these Coaster.

You'll need:
-art work(or whatever you want on the tiles)
-tiles(I used old bathroom tiles)
-Mod Podge
-Acrylic Spray(not pictured)
-Cork or whatever you want to put on the backs(not pictured)

Using a tile as your pattern, trace the outside and then cut paper to fit on top of tile. With a sponge brush, wipe a thin layer of Mod Podge over the paper and tile. Paper will stick to the tile and at first it will have a creamy appearance, but will dry clear.  Be sure to smooth out any bubbles. After about 15-20 minutes, apply another thin coat. I did about 5 coats.

When they were all dry, I sprayed with an acrylic spray because they will get wet. After that I bought some cork sheets from a hobby store and cut them to the size of the tiles. I put them on the back so that the tiles wouldn't scratch the tables(I forgot to take a picture of them with the cork.

Any mom loves gifts that their children make and this is also very practical!

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