Sorry guys! I'm a little behind on picking winners. What's new, right? :) So without further delay:

The Tassimo T20 Home Brewing System giveaway had 2390 comments and the winner is:

The Set of FIVE Chuggington Books giveaway had 881 comments and the winner is:
The Tesdalls

Winners have been emailed! Congrats guys!

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The Tesdalls said...

Thanks so much!! My son is going to be so excited!!!:)

tawnda said...

WoW!! I still can't believe it! As the entry #s kept going up... my hopes for this went through the floor... Just proves that you should NEVER give up! ♫☺☻☺♫ Thank you sOOOOOoooooo much!

LittleBird said...

Congratulations to the winners! you have such cool giveaways!

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