My 365 Project - Days 31-52

After finding out about my mom and processing everything that is going on with that, I haven't been doing as good about picking up my camera. I've fallen really behind in my 365 Project so I'm just going to post an assortment of pictures that I've taken over the past few weeks. After this I plan on getting back on track and will continue posting a week of pictures every Monday.

Isabella eats lemons like oranges

They love my sister's hamster

On top of everything else, we were all sick and needed some chicken noodle soup

We played with our Smarcks

Watching Chuggington

Valentine's Day Brownie Pops

Valentine's Day Cutie

It has been beautiful out, so we've put in a lot of bounce house time

We got the four wheeler out(that's my brother)

For the first time in weeks, I took the time to organize my trip to publix. If I didn't need buttermilk and red potatoes(they weren't on sale and I didn't  have coupons), the total would have been better, but as is, I spend $33 and save $55 which means the total would have been $88. In case you can't tell, those three cans of tomatoes are HUGE and equal two regular cans. The seven chicken broths are those big cartons that equal two regular cans.

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Simply Being Mommy said...

So cute! Love all the pics.

Jennifer Leigh said...

I love her Vday outfit! lol, coupons become addicting after, don't they!

Rachel - Following In My Shoes said...

One -- that Chuggington picture is ADORABLE.

Two -- I wish we had Publix in Houston; I am always reading about the deals people get there!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

You did so well at Publix!

Penelope said...

Dee, those are awesome!

Annie said...

those are wonderful pictures! I love her V-day dress so much - and those pigtails! CUTENESS!!

blueviolet said...

omg, my kids eat lemons like that too!!!!!

Connie said...

They couldn't be any cuter. Thanks for sharing them!

alissa4illustration said...

Your photo's are fun to look at. Don't be hard on yourself for getting off track! Just take photo's when the right time's to take them comes up.

Your Valentines photo's are so fun!

We've had sickness here to. It started out with the tummy flew, and now Isaak has a cold. I feel like I might be getting it to.

Melinda said...

LOVE that dress the lil one is wearing and the brownie pops

Myya said...

Great pictures!!! Question for you... the bowl that your lil lady is eating chicken noodle soup from... is that one of those ones that never spills??? If not, have you seen those? How cool do they look. I need to look into getting myself some, my floors would definitely thank me :)

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