Wilton's "Pops In A Post" Blogging Contest - 1st Prize - $500 Visa Gift Card

If you like to bake and decorate cakes, cookies, brownies, or any other treat and have a blog, there is an awesome contest that you need to enter! The Wilton ‘Pops in a Post’ Contest will allow bloggers to create their own Pops treat and post an article in their blog about the treat, experience decorating, product used, process, hints, etc.  Wilton Will choose the top 10 and voting will begin to choose the winner. Winner will receive a $500 Visa card and the 9 other finalists receive a $100 gift card.

The first 40 bloggers that ‘pre-register’ on Wilton.com(at 10AM CST today) will receive a Pops kit containing Wilton Pops product (which can be used in the blog post). Pre-registration only involves providing name, address, blog name, blog URL and twitter ID. The Pops kit contains product that is not available anywhere at retail yet and is worth over $125(pictured below).

Pops Kit Includes:
Pops Treat Sticks
Chocolate Pro™ Electric Chocolate Melter
Heart and Star Pops Wraps
Pops Decorating Stand
Pops Book
Jungle Pals Pops Fun Pix
Princess Pops Fun Pix
Ruffle Pops Wraps
Animal Make a Face
People Make a Face
Candy Eyeballs
Animal Pops Sprinkle Set
People Pops Sprinkle Set
Brownie Pops 8-Cavity Silicone Mold
Stars Pops Mold
Flower Pops Cookie Pan
Pops Display Stand

Contest Timeline:
December 15th - January 10th: Bloggers will create their own Pops treats, blog about them, then submit the posts to Wilton's Contest Page.

January 13th: Wilton will announce the Top 10 Finalists.

January 13-19th: The public will vote on Wilton.com for the winner.

January 20th: Winner will be announced on Wilton.com blog.

Winner will receive a $500 Visa card and the 9 other finalists receive a $100 gift card.

My Thoughts:
The Pops Book is full of amazing ideas for every occasion.  They are pretty easy to make, and can be used for everything from birthdays to weddings.  The book shows where you can make pops using cookies, brownies, and more.  The options are truly endless and you can personalize them anyway you see fit.

As a Wilton Mom Ambassador, I had the opportunity to receive a package full of the new Pops products.  I will continue playing with the products to make creations and show you just how much you can do with them.  I tried for the first time yesterday, and didn't have much success with the melted chocolate on the figures I made with the silicone molds.  It didn't dry smooth and even.  I will try with icing next time. I spent so much time on the figures that I only made one or two balls. I have more cake that is chilled right now and plan on making more later.

Preparing The Pops:
Using any flavor of prepackaged 18oz cake mix, add a 4 serving pudding powder, 4 eggs, 1 cup of water, and 1/3 cup of oil. Bake as directed on the box in either a 13x9 pan or two 8 inch pans then allow to cool on a rack. Cut the cake in half and use your hands to crumble it. Mix in 1/2 cup of your favorite icing with your hands. I used the whole cake, so I used a cup of icing(I also didn't let it cool completely which was probably a mistake). Roll cake into balls or press into silicon molds. Be sure to chill for at least 2 hours(I'd just throw them in the fridge overnight).

If using the molds, be careful when popping the cake out.

Dip the stick in melted candy and put in the "pop".  Give it a few minutes to set.

After that, get decorating!  I used a Ziploc bag with the corner cut off to pour over the Pops.  I dipped the balls into the melted chocolate.

Here are a few of the first ones I made.  Like I said before, I had a hard time with the melted chocolate. It seemed to harden before I could get it smooth.  I tried shaking them, but they still didn't do like I wanted them to.  I think using icing will work better, so I will try that next time when using silicon molds.  They might not be beautiful, but they sure were yummy! :)

Let me know if you enter the contest!  I'd love to see your posts.  As a Mom Ambassador, I will not be entering the contest, but I will be posting about my "Pops" creations, so stay tuned!

Be sure to read the contest rules and visit the Contest Page to learn more.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may very from others. Thank you to Wilton who supplied the products for the review.

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I just entered! I would love to be selected!

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I entered as soon as it opened, I hope I get it. Thanks!!

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