Homemade Gift Ideas From The Kids

We always try to think of a few handmade gifts and photo gifts to give the grandparents and some aunts and uncles. We also made gift baskets for our friends and neighbors(click here to see those). This year we're giving the grandparents these stepping stones - one for each kid. We make them every year to add to the garden or other parts of the yard.

Here are a few of the gifts Evan made at preschool and I thought some of them were too cute not to share.

This is a snowman ornament using his fingerprints.  You can't tell by the picture, but he also has a hat and arms.

I'm using this idea to make shirts for two of my closest aunts. The gifts that my brother, sister, and I made them in the past have always been their favorites(they still have most of them). I'll post pics of the shirts when I'm done.  It is a snowman made with his footprint.

This is a wreath made with their hands.  LOL-this is the worst picture of Evan, but you get the idea.

I think we've all seen the reindeer made from a footprint and two handprints, but just in case - here it is again. We used to make sweatshirts out of them at school, did you?

There were more, but those were the best of the bunch.  Do you have any great handmade ideas?

I also purchase calendars with pictures of the kids from each month of the year before and then photo travel mugs for each of my parents.  They'd be so disappointed if I forgot one year.  I almost didn't do a travel mug for my dad last year and my mom actually came to me and told me he was expecting one with updated pictures.  Even though all of these gifts are the least expensive, they are their favorites.

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sweetpea08 said...

These ideas are so cute! I have been looking for some Christmas craft ideas for Tobin to do...he loves crafts, but a lot of crafts are too hard for a toddler to do. So thank you for these adorable ideas!

Karen Hartzell, Graco said...

These ideas are adorable! Thank you for sharing! They are defin going in my idea bank for next year!

Katrina said...

I love that hand print wreath with the pic!!

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