Chuggington Prize Pack Winner

**I always email the winners**

The Chuggington Giveaway ended last night and the winner has 24 hours to get back in touch with me so that I can get their info over to Chuggington. The plan is for the winner to have their prize BEFORE Christmas!

The Chuggington Toys Prize Pack Giveaway had 1020 comments and the winner is:
Whitehead's Monthly Menu

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Melissa said...

I'm not the winner but I was just do email your winners, right? :)

Dee said...

@Melissa, yes - always!

Melissa said...

I thought so...I just wanted to make sure since I have entered a lot of the giveaways and wanted to make sure I was doing everything properly. I'm new at this. :)

Anonymous said...

Was it me? - Lee
My son got at my e-mails, it's a mess.

Anonymous said...

Yay, it was me. I was just checking my fb and saw and so I checked my email and their was my notification. I was just a hollering and my boys were looking at me like Mom hit her head.

One little boy will be so very excited.
Thanks so much.
Amber @ Whiteheads Monthly Menu

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