Holiday Happiness started yesterday and there will be several great reviews and giveaways each week so stay tuned. Some days there will be more than one posted so make sure you don't miss anything!

Here are the winners from the giveaways that ended last night.

The Tonka Strong Arm Giveaway had 1468 comments and the winner is:
Katy and Wes

The Chuggington Giveaway had 1507 comments and the winner is:

The Pillow Pets Giveaway had 1684 comments and the winner is:
Sugar Plums

The Upside DVD had 220 comments and the winner is:

The Cisco Valet Wireless Router Giveaway had 1013 comments and the winner is:
Penny W

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mframe said...

Yeah! I am so excited!! Not as excited as my son is going to be! Thanks so much.

Penny W said...

Too cool! Can't wait to get the router and try out all the features. If we could go wireless with the printer, that would be excellent. Thanks!

Heidi Jane Blankets said...

Congrats everyone!

I have a giveaway ending tonight if you're interested. Cute hair accessories for little girls and very few entries!

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