Toy Story 3 On Blu-ray And DVD

We decided that Evan was finally old enough to take to the movies, so we took him to see Toy Story 3 on his birthday in August. He was thrilled and kept saying he loved watching movies on "the big TV" and eating his popcorn. The Blu-ray combo pack of Toy Story 3 happened to arrive this morning when he was still in his pajamas(they happened to be Buzz pjs). He start squealing and wanted to pop popcorn and watch it immediately.

The creative minds behind Disney•Pixar’s groundbreaking animated blockbusters invite you back inside the toy box for a heartwarming and hilarious High Definition movie experience you’ll never forget. In Toy Story 3, Woody (voiced by Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (voiced by Tim Allen) and the rest of the Toy Story gang return for an all-new adventure, along with a few new faces – some plastic, some plush – including Barbie’s counterpart Ken (voiced by Michael Keaton), a thespian hedgehog named Mr. P...ricklepants (voiced by Timothy Dalton) and a strawberry-scented bear named Lots-o’-Huggin’ Bear (voiced by Ned Beatty). As Andy prepares to depart for college, Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the rest of Andy’s faithful toys wonder what will become of them. But, when a mix-up lands them at Sunnyside Daycare, they meet a host of new toys and soon discover a wild new adventure is just beginning! Buzzing with hours of exclusive bonus features including an interactive trivia game, and the Pixar short film Day & Night, Toy Story 3 goes to infinity and beyond on Blu-ray Hi-Def!

If you've been living under a rock and haven't heard about it, you can check out the trailer below.

Our Thoughts:
Some DVD sequels are not good, and quickly get forgotten.  Toy Story 3 is *not* one of those movies. This movie was fantastic and is a new favorite at our house.  Evan has asked to watch it several times since we saw it in Theaters in August, but we had to wait until it came out on Blu-ray yesterday.

Just like the other Toy Story movies, this one is great for both adults and kids to watch.  The kids will be entertained by the fun toys and the parents will get a kick out of the references that kids don't get.  We've only had it since this morning and he is watching it for the second time as I type this.  I'm happy to report that I'm pretty certain this will be the new DVD that we watch over and over again.

Evan's favorite parts were when the toys were at Bonnie's house.

I personally got a kick out of all the scenes that Barbie and Ken were together in.

The Bonus Features are also a lot of fun for our family.  Evan liked the "Day & Night" Theatrical Short.  I personally enjoyed "seeing" all of the different voices in the "The Gang's All Here" bonus feature.  The Toy Story Trivia Dash is also a fun interactive game for the whole family.

Toy Story 3 will make a great gift for kids and adults of all ages.  Be sure to follow Toy Story on Facebook for fun updates.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. I was given this DVD by the company and/or pr agency for the purpose of this review.
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Penelope said...

I love all the Toy Story movies, but haven't seen this one yet...thanks for the review!

Whitney said...

I was a kid myself when Toy Story first came out, so I can't wait to share them all with my son. We haven't saw the third one yet, but will definitely have to pick it up!

Beeb said...

Such a cute story about your son seeing a movie for the first time! My first movie in the theater was Disney also - The Little Mermaid!
This DVD is a good gift idea for sure!

egoettner said...

We didn't get to see this in the theater so I can't wait to go rent it and watch it this weekend.

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