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I'm bringing back Totally Talented Tuesday! It would be great if you wanted to play along and post one on your blog, but basically this is something that I do to make sure I document everything so I can look back one day and remember it all.

I started it in December of 2008, and did it for a few months. If you weren't following me back then, click here to see how it works. I'm bringing it back because Evan is in preschool now and I'm sure I'll have at least one new thing to post about each week.

The rules are pretty simple! Post this button on your Totally Talented Tuesday posts and tell me about the talent going on at your house.  Talent can be yours, your kids', your husband's, even your dog!  Just tell me what it is.

Every Tuesday, I will post Mr. Linky and would love for you to play and link up if you have time!

I always wish that I would have written down more when Evan was a toddler. For today's TTT, I'm listing the words that Isabella says right now so that I will always have a record of it.

At 15 months, these are the words Isabella uses:
Evan(she RARELY says Evan)
Best Friend
Rock-a-bye baby
Thank you

I think it is fun to hear what kids say first - you learn a lot about their daily activities or what they like. I'm sitting here racking my brain but that's all I can think of that she says right now.

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Lloyd Family said...

Isabella has a large vocabulary! My 14 month old is not saying any "real words" yet.

Thanks for Totally Talented Tuesday. I am hoping this will encourage me to write about those little (and big) things my boys do.

Brandy said...

Wow what a vocabulary your little one has! I linked up with my 14 month olds words.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I wish I would have kept track of stuff like this better too! I have a question for you...does Isabella say her own name?!? Eli still insist on calling himself "baby" it takes all I have to get him to say Eli!

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