Holiday Happiness Gift Guide - Baby Alive Bouncin' Babbles Doll

Isabella is so incredibly adorable when she sees a new baby doll or stuffed animal. Just this weekend we were at my cousin's baby's first birthday party and Isabella went up to him and grabbed the new cow stuffed animal he got then ran with it. She hugged that animal for the rest of the party.

I remember having a Baby Alive doll when I was little. They have a large selection of dolls that include something for every age group. I remember feeding my Baby Alive and changing its diaper. I felt like a little mommy. Now they have ones that say phrases too!

Baby Alive sent us the Bouncin' Babbles Doll.

Your BOUNCIN' BABBLES doll is so happy to spend time with you that you can see it in everything she does! Hold your little one's hands and she'll bounce up and down, just like a real baby. But this bouncing bundle of joy wants to "tell" you how excited she is, too -- as she bounces she'll make happy baby sounds! Let your baby doll bounce to her heart's delight and then cuddle her close with lots of love!

She was thrilled when she first saw Bouncin' Babbles and couldn't wait to take it out of the package.

I actually think that this doll looks so much like Isabella.  She has blond curly hair and big blue eyes.  I love that the doll's hair is hard and painted on so that Isabella can't mess it up.  Many of our other dolls that have hair now have a big matted mess on their head.

She smiles and laughs when the Bouncin' Babbles doll coos or bounces.  Here is a video of what the doll does.  I was holding the camera with one hand so I couldn't hold the doll's hands like you're supposed to.  It isn't supposed to bounce on its own without falling, you're supposed to hold her hands while she babbles and bounces away(just like a real baby)!

I'm going to have to buy her a playpen or something for the baby doll because she keeps wanting to put it back in the box that it came with. The box is shaped like a little crib so she thinks it is supposed to go in there.

Isabella is already in love with this doll and I look forward to her getting more of the Baby Alive collection as she gets older.  They are absolutely adorable and I am amazed at the things that some of them can do.  Any girl on your list would be enchanted by some of the dolls in this collection.

Be sure to visit  Baby Alive to learn more and view their full selection.

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You can purchase the Bouncin' Babbles Doll for $24.99.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for the review.
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Sarah said...

Cute! I bet my daughter would love to find a doll like that under the tree.

Stefani @ said...

Those are neat for the little ones. I bet it would make a great Xmas gift this year for many!

Beeb said...

What a great gift idea for a little girl! You can't go wrong with a doll. :)

Momstart said...

Looks like she can't wait to get her out of the box.

Heather Roberts (Moon) said...

This is adorable I was walking through wal-mart the other day and saw this baby and was thinking my daughter would probably love one of these for Christmas.

I also noticed the plastic hair and thought that baby doll might not look like crude in a couple of weeks. I turned the box over a couple of times when I saw it wondering to myself if the box would hold up to being played with and quickly scanned the shelf for a matching crib for the baby alive. Hint Hint Baby Alive People.

Anonymous said...

My grandaughter would love the doll

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

eu tenho a coleçao da baby alive desde meus sete anos agora essa nova esta perfeita ah e sua filhinha é linda bjsss

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