I Get The Best Workout When Taking The Kids With Me

I refuse to diet, so I try my best to exercise. I told you that I was trying to get more serious about exercising, but I've been slacking. A neighbor and I were going walking, but she's in school right now so its harder for her to get away.  All of my good shows are back on so at night instead of using my Wii Fit, I'm vegging out in front of the television.

When my neighbor does have time to walk, we walk for about an hour which equals 4-5 times around our neighborhood. Those walks usually don't bother me at all. Yesterday morning I decided I needed to kick it in gear and start exercising again. I gathered the kids to go walking before it got too warm out.

First off, it is a workout in itself to get my kids dressed and out the door. Sure we were just going walking, but I wanted to change them out of their pjs and put shoes on them. This process usually takes way longer than I plan.

I then walk the neighborhood once with Isabella in a stroller and Evan on whatever contraption he decides is coolest that day. Yesterday morning it was a scooter, this morning was a tricycle. Halfway through he was too tired so we headed back to get the wagon.

I dig the wagon out of the garage(again, another workout) because it is under boxes of items waiting to be reviewed and buckle them both in. Yeah, he had on these awesomely amazing sunglasses the whole time.

About halfway through my first time around the neighborhood I start huffing and puffing.  After thinking about it, I'm pulling at least 50 more pounds and the weight of the wagon behind me.  There are two big hills that never seemed to end and they totally kicked my behind.  I was a little embarrassed because I saw another mom pushing her ONE baby in a stroller and she probably thought I was totally out of shape-she was right.  Another mom that we go with to the park happened to drive her van by too-again-totally embarrassed because I was huffing and puffing and was no doubt completely red in the face.

Even though I felt like a total loser, I think I got an awesome workout and  used muscles that I probably wouldn't have anytime soon.  The moral of this story is to take your kids with you if you want to get a really good workout! And yeah, I was dumb enough to repeat that process this morning. I better be super skinny in a few weeks. :D

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Mighty M said...

Nice job! Sounds like you worked super hard!! :)

Jayme said...

I pulled my guys in our wagon yesterday too- only we went to Dairy Queen which totally defeats the purpose of exercise LOL

S Club Mama said...

You are not a total loser - you are awesome for getting out there!

Your kids are small - only 50 pounds LOL That's just Moose ;)

alissa4illustration said...

I walk during lunch breaks. I have weights on my ankles and carry some in my arms. I know I look like a total loser with my dress clothes on, but this is the only time I have to exercise. I don't even have time to change clothes. I've lost 24 pounds since the end of the summer, so it's helping. I'm able to go more laps around.

We've knocked out butter mostly. We use a lot of Olive Oil. Then we use plain yogurt with lemon juice in replacement to sour cream. I also add ground oat meal in breading, and hamburgers.

alissa4illustration said...

Keep up the work. It is hard to find the time to exercise!

Steph said...

Whenever my doctor asks if I exercise I tell her, yup, I have a toddler. Between running to catch her in the grocery store, Streeeeetching to get her toy she dropped in the backseat before the light turns green, pushing her on the swingsets, carrying her around in my arms.

Yup, I definitely exercise.

pam said...

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Angel-Hair Clippies said...

pulling a wagon is actually harder than it looks, especially on long walks on urban trails. We did it one day. BIG mistake. enough said....lol

angelhairclippies @ gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I am laughing out loud reading this....it soooooo sounds like my life!! Good for you for working out despite the obstacles-and don't you find that they nap better after you've had them out in the fresh air??? Then that (hopefully) means more "you" time!! Keep up the good work. I find doing sit ups with a 2 year old sitting on my stomach adds something to the workout too ;)

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