Jolly Holiday DVD - Barney, Bob The Builder, Thomas And Friends, Fireman Sam, and Angelina Ballerina

I really like DVDs that includes episodes from a variety of characters. It makes it where Evan can watch all of his favorites at once without having to switch out the DVD on car rides or at home.

Jolly Holiday is a holiday-themed collection of five episodes featuring preschool favorites Barney™, Bob the Builder™, Thomas & Friends™, Fireman Sam™ and special guest Angelina Ballerina™.

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer! Ride through a winter wonderland with Thomas on a special Christmas tree delivery. Join Bob the Builder™ and his Can-Do Crew as they build a sleigh of their own to make it to the school Christmas Carol Concert in time. See Fireman Sam™ and his friends get into the holiday spirit with the most exciting Christmas lights display. Finally, enjoy the snow fall with Barney™ as he teaches Baby Bop™ that winter is a wonderful time for fun even when it’s cold outside.
  • Thomas & Friends – “Thomas’ Tricky Tree”
  • Bob the Builder – “Bob’s White Christmas”
  • Fireman Sam – “Santa Overboard”
  • Barney – “Winter” 
Special Features:
Bonus Episode: All new CG animated “Angelina Ballerina™ Spring Fling” – It’s winter and Angelina and her friends are tired of being inside. To make spring come faster, Angelina and the mouselings try spring traditions from around the world. They learn about other cultures, have fun inside on a snowy day and end up having a wonderful, wintry day!

Our Thoughts:
Evan is 3 and this DVD has a target age range of 2-5, so it is perfect for him.  One of his favorite shows since he was a baby is Thomas and he has recently become a fan of Barney as well.  He was so excited when he spotted them on the cover.  I was actually surprised when he developed such a large interest in Fireman Sam.  He has wanted to watch that specific episode over and and over again.  Jolly Holiday has a running time of 45 minutes and holds Evan's attention the whole time.

This DVD would be the perfect gift for any toddler or preschooler who has an interest in any of these characters.  As a bonus, parents won't get sick of it because it features several characters instead of having to watch the same one over and over again.

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Jolly Holiday was released on October 12th and is available on Amazon for $11.99

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the product for review.

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Kathleen said...

Oh my goodness! My youngest would go crazy over this. I may just have to go get it so I don't have to watch James and the Giant Peach for the 40 millionth time!

jmerenberg said...

What a combination of characters! I kinda want to watch it to see how they flow from one to the other :)

blueviolet said...

It sounds really cute, but Dee...seriously...when is Barney going to well, you know...DIE?!!! lol

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