Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes DVD

Tom and Jerry is another classic that I enjoy sharing with my kids. It brings back memories of my siblings and I crowded around the television watching cartoons together.

The Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes DVD was released on August 24th.

Jewel heists around the city of London befuddle Scotland Yard and the beautiful singer Red is framed for the crook. Only the legendary Sherlock Holmes can find the real thief with the help of his assistant Dr. Watson–and of course, Tom and Jerry. But finding clues and cracking the case will be elementary compared to keeping the peace between these raucous rivals as they scamper, scurry, scoot and speed along the streets, alleys and rooftops in the name of justice. Familiar friends Tuffy, Butch, Droopy and many more cleverly round out the motley crew of characters and possible suspects in this brilliant fusion of classic detection and energetic animation!

Here is a clip:

Even the smallest kids will enjoy the fun that Tom and Jerry bring while Adults will also be entertained with the mysterious storyline. My husband and I both watched this adorable DVD with the kids while wondering how we got old enough to be parents. As always, Tom And Jerry take us back to our childhood and the DVD captured our attention as well as Evan's.

The animation was amazing and they captured the classic Sherlock Holmes in a way only Tom And Jerry can do. My only hesitation was one of the characters-Red. I know it is a cartoon, but she was dressed in really skimpy clothing with men constantly ogling her. This movie is geared for young children and I don't want my son learning things like that yet!

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You can purchase Tom And Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes for $14.49 on Amazon.

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Cher said...

looks so cute!

Whimsical Creations said...

My daughter would LOVE this. Tom and Jerry are one of her favorites.

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