Max & Ruby: Everybunny Loves Winter! DVD

Max And Ruby was Evan's all time favorite show for many months. He is now starting to watch other shows too, but he was only watching Max And Ruby episodes over and over again. He still gets excited when he sees a new episode.

The Max & Ruby: Everybunny Loves Winter! DVD features four all-new episodes never before released on DVD.

Max & Ruby: Everybunny Loves Winter! Episode Synopses:

Ruby’s Snowbunny / Ruby’s Snowflake / Duck Duck Goose
Ruby’s Snowbunny
Max wants to zoom down the hill on his “Sled!” but Ruby is intent on making a huge snowbunny and she needs Max’s help. When it turns out they’ve built the snowbunny at the bottom of Rocket Run, the only way to get the snowbunny safely out of the way is by using Max’s “Sled!”

Ruby’s Snowflake
Grandma and Ruby have made three snowflake-shaped cookies and now Ruby wants to surprise her by decorating them all exactly the same. Max wants to sample his “Snowflake!” right away. When Max tries to get a cookie, he causes Ruby to spill sprinkles and icing so all of the cookies are decorated differently. Ruby’s upset, but when Grandma comes, she points out that her cookies are perfect – they’re all different, just like each and every “Snowflake!”

Duck Duck Goose
Max wants to play “Duck Duck Goose!” with the girls, but they have to find 5 winter birds for their Bunny Scout badge. When the girls have only found 3 birds, they discover that Max has lured the last 2 kinds of birds – “Duck Duck Goose.”

Ruby’s Gingerbread House / Max’s Christmas Pass / Max’s New Year
Ruby’s Gingerbread House
Ruby and Louise want to make a perfect gingerbread house for Grandma for Christmas. Max is intrigued of course by all of the “Candy!” It’s going fine except that the girls can’t get the walls to stick, and finally the thing that’ll make them stick is the addition of Max’s favorite “Candy!”

Max’s Christmas Pass
Christmas is over and it’s time to take the decorations down. Ruby is sad but realistic. Max doesn’t want the feeling to end, so he confiscates the Christmas ornaments and creates a makeshift Christmas tree so it can still be “Christmas!”

Max’s New Year
It’s New Year’s Eve and Grandma has invited Max & Ruby to stay with her and watch the new year come in. Ruby is so concerned with staying awake that she contrives all kinds of games for them to play, and in the end both she and Grandma are fast asleep by the time the clock strikes midnight, leaving Max alone to wake them up with “Happy New Year!"

Ruby’s Horn of Plenty / Max’s Big Kick / Max Says Goodbye
Ruby’s Horn of Plenty
Mr. & Mrs. Huffington ask Ruby to keep Baby Huffington happy while they set up their picnic in the park. Max wants to be “Super Bunny!” Ruby thinks Baby H might want to nap so she tells Max he’ll have to take off his cape and play something else. But when Baby H gets fussy, the thing he really wants is that cape and “Super Bunny!”

Max’s Big Kick
The girls are trying to perfect their synchronized swimming routine. Max wants to play with all of his toys that “Float!” Of course his toys always get in their way, but Max ends up providing the girls with the big finish they were looking for, with the help of his “Float!”

Max Says Goodbye
Ruby tells Max they’re going to spend the whole entire day playing at Louise’s house, but Max can only take a few toys. So he decides to say “Goodbye” to all of the toys he won’t see for the whole day. When Ruby finally gets Max out of the door, they run into Grandma, who wants to play pirates with them. Ruby explains that they’re going to Louise’s, but when she tries to lead Max away, he takes Grandma’s hand and has one word for Ruby: “Goodbye!”

Max’s Balloon Buddies / Ruby’s Penny Carnival / Ruby’s Big Win
Max’s Balloon Buddies
Ruby can't wait to see all of the gorgeous flowers at the Flower Festival, but first Max sees Mr. Huffington making balloon animals, and he wants a "Balloon!" A series of accidents causes Max's balloons to burst, so they have to keep returning to Mr. Huffington. By the time they finally get to the flowers, the festival is closing, so Ruby thinks she won't see any gorgeous flowers, until Max gets Mr. H to make a beautiful flower out of a "Balloon!"

Ruby’s Penny Carnival
Ruby, Louise and Valerie are setting up a penny carnival in the backyard to earn money for a Bunny Scout field trip. Max keeps getting in the way with his monster mask, toys, bats and spiders and other things that are “Scary!” Ruby asks Max to get his icky toys out of the way, but when the carnival gets going, the biggest line-up is for the monster house that Max created, because everybunny loves things that are “Scary!”

Ruby’s Big Win
Max and Ruby are at the Fun Fair, and Ruby wants to win the basketball toss, because the prize is a goldfish. Max tries other games and he always manages to “Win!” different prizes. When Ruby finally wins the goldfish, Max has won everything she needs to give it a nice home.

Max & Ruby: Everybunny Loves Winter! provides Evan with 99 minutes of one of his favorite shows. It is hard for me to believe that summer is almost over and this DVD gets Evan ready for winter. He was asking me about snow at some points in the DVD because it never really snows here!

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Max & Ruby: Everybunny Loves Winter! was released September 21, 2010 is available at a retail price of $16.99.

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