Decision On Getting A Coffee Table

After discussing whether or not to add unique coffee tables to our house, I think we've decided to keep waiting. Evan took a nasty spill into our side table this week and has a bump and cut on his head! I can just imagine the boo boos that a coffee table would bring. Even though I thought Evan had mastered the skill of walking, he obviously hasn't mastered depth perception. :) He was running for the chair and went head first into the side table instead.

I'll just keep dreaming of adding this one to our house when our kids are about 15 or so. :)

CSN will be providing me with a gift card to review one of their products after I write this post.

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dannyscotland said...

Oh, that's so scary when they fall! I hope he's okay!

Anonymous said...

I have never liked any kind of coffee table when the kids were young -- if there is a way to topple on one, the youngsters find it. I am glad he is okay!!

donna j

Jus and Kat said...

We decided to replace our coffee table with a leather storage ottoman when our daugther was first born. Since she's started walking, it's worked out great (plus, we keep all her toys in it, instead of being scattered out all over the living room floor)!

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