BodyMedia Fit Weight Loss System Armband + Activity Manager + Display

I've always heard that it takes 9 months to put on the weight when having a baby, and 9 months to take it back off. For me that wasn't exactly true. I was back down the my pre-pregnancy weight in less than a month with Isabella; however, I was about 10 pounds heavier than I was before I had Evan. I am now 5 pounds away from my pre-Evan weight, but I could stand to lose at least 10 pounds. My belly is nowhere near toned and needs a lot of work.

BodyMedia Fit Weight Loss System Armband + Activity Manager + Display is going to help me do that. I've tried diets, but I'm not so good at them. I learned on the BodyMedia website that diets typically fail because we lack the right information. To lose weight, you need to know calories in, calories out, and sleep quality. BodyMedia FIT weight management system collects this data all day and night.

As I told you, I am 10 pounds away from my "goal" weight. Ten pounds doesn't sound like much, but it would do wonders for my self esteem and overall health. BodyMedia Fit sent me the Armband and Display to understand how to take control of my calories.

Included in the Armband box:

  • BodyMedia FIT Armband
  • Medium size Armband strap (grey/chrome)
  • USB cable
  • User guide

For more information, check out BodyMedia FIT Armband Specifications

Included in the Display box:

  • BodyMedia Display
  • Clip (grey)
  • User guide

For more information, visit BodyMedia Display specifications.

As soon as I opened the packages, I hooked my armband up to my computer with the USB cord. I personalized my BodyMediat FIT Activity Manager so that it knows how much I weigh and what my goals are. My armband was not completely charged, so I went ahead and let it charge.

I strapped it on my upper left arm and put the Display Clip on my pants. After a minute or so, it beeped twice letting me know it was recording. I held the Display clip next to my armband and hit the button in the middle of the band to sync the two. After syncing them, I can tell how many calories I've burned, steps taken, the time, and it alerts me when I've met different goals that I've set(like reaching the amount of physical activity for the day).

Different from a simple pedometer, accelerometer or heart rate monitor, the BodyMedia Fit system uses four sophisticated sensors to track over 9,000 varilables - from heat to sweat to steps to calories burned to sleep duration and efficiency - every minute of every day. The device fits snugly on the arm and can last up to seven days by rechargeable battery.

I can hook the armband to the computer at any time to read my results. The easy-to-read graph shows me everything I need to know to stay on track for losing weight. The calorie consumption calculator allows me to log the food that I've had each day from a database of more than 30,000 items.

I have been wanting to get on an exercise routine for a while now. I even went out and bought a Wii Fit plus because I know I need to get toned. The ModyMedia Fit system pushes me to watch how many calories I eat and to take as many steps as I can in a day.

The armband does fit snugly on my arm, but it is still hot here. If I'm wearing a lose t-shirt, you can't see it, but it is noticeable if I'm wearing a fitted t-shirt because they usually have shorter sleeves. I don't want to draw any unnecessary attention to myself if I'm at Evan's school or places that don't involve working out. I wore a 3/4 length sleeve shirt the other day and you could see that something was under my sleeve, but it wasn't completely noticeable and I wore it to preschool and while I was running my errands.

I have been wearing the armband for almost 2 weeks and was amazed to learn how little I was active during any given day. I didn't make any changes for the first few days so that I could monitor my usual behaviors and see how I needed to change them. I have since been trying to get up and move as much as possible.

Logging the calories that I've consumed has opened my eyes to portion size and the shocking reality of how many calories are in some foods. Even though there are over 30,000 items to chose from, I've been trying to cook more and it is a little difficult to find every ingredient in each meal. The good thing is that you can created a recipe or food that you eat often and it will save it for you. It also gives you the option to say you at the same meal as you did on X day so that you don't have to search for all of that food again.

Even though I think this system is amazing and credit it to motivating me, I can still find room for improvement. We have gone out on the boat pretty much every weekend and I swim in the pool often. The armband cannot be worn in water, so it is not calculating the calories that I burn during those times. I can go in and pick an activity and the length of the activity so that it counts those calories as well, but it just isn't so easy to keep track of how long you're swimming or wake-boarding if you're out having fun!

My only other concern so far is the armband. I've only had it for 2 weeks and the Velcro is already starting to look pretty worn. I'm wondering how long it will hold up. The first few times that I took it off, the sticky part on the plastic completely came off. I know that you can purchase new armbands to hook the sensor in, but you wear the armband all day long and I think it could stand to be a little more sturdy. You hand wash it with soap to keep it clean and I'm not sure how long it will take to make that spot where the Velcro meets the plastic to come apart. I'll keep you up to date on that.

I absolutely love having the display to check my progress at any point during the day. I find myself pressing the buttons frequently to see how many steps I've taken or how many calories I've burned. I also get excited when it alerts me with a new message letting me know that I've met my goal for steps or activity in a day! They sell a watchband that it can go on and I really want that for when I'm exercising.

Stay tuned for more posts about the BodyMediat Fit system as I continue to use it, and visit their website to learn more. You can also keep in touch with them on twitter and facebook.

Buy It!
The BodyMedia FIT Armband retails for $189.99 and the BodyMedia FIT Display retails for $99.95, while subscriptions for the BodyMedia FIT Activity Manager vary by length; a one-month subscription costs $12.95, a six-month subscription costs $9.95 a month, and a 12-month subscription costs $6.95 a month. In addition to the BodyMedia FIT system, BodyMedia Skins are available for $5.95 each, adding a touch of style to the outside of the armband with different designs.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to the company and/or pr agency who supplied the products for the review.

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Alison said...

Wow that looks awesome! I want one of those. :) Probably help me stay motivated. Good luck on losing those 10 lbs!

Nichol said...

This looks like a great product. I always like wearing pedometers to see how active I actually am during the day, it's pretty surprising. Good luck on that last 10 pounds Dee, that's amazing:)

candace said...

This looks really cool. I've started to watch my calorie intake lately too and it's shocking, isn't it?

Great review and thanks for sharing!

tiff snedaker said...

It definitely makes you get up and moving. I'm only on day 2 with mine, but I find that I am watching the calories and the steps I take quite frequently. The sleep thing is pretty cool too.
Keep up the great work!

redfuzzycow said...

i bought a used gowear fit online, i love it!

Nancy's Couture said...

This s going on my Christmas wish list!!!!

Nugglemama said...

Very interesting system I will have to check out hte site and read more.

Lady V dZine said...

Wow. That would really be a motivator!

Shop with Me Mama said...

I would be so afraid to wear that for one of my typical days.. It would probably scream at me to get MOTIVATED, LOL. Oh I need this device! Great review.

Anonymous said...

Very neat product - I've been looking for something like this - I just use a pedometer now - but I have no clue how many calories I've burned, just how many steps I've walked, which isn't very encouraging

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