Parenting Questions Answered - Table Manners

We're at a point where we have to be consistent and start being positive role models. We're really good about eating dinner together at the table and I want to make sure my kids have some table manners so they know how to act when they aren't with me.

Does your family eat dinner at the kitchen/dining room table? Do you enforce any "table manner rules"?

We always "fix pretty hands"(put hands together like praying) and say grace. I also don't let anyone away from the table before everyone is finished eating(that doesn't mean they have to eat ALL of the food on their plate-just means they can't get up before we're all ready to get up). I'm not going to be incredibly strict with table manners, but those are two of my "rules". Oh and we're trying to teach Evan that burping at the table is really not OK. :)

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alissa4illustration said...

We eat together at the kitchen table. Once or twice a year we eat in the living room for a treat.

My kids don't leave the table until they are done.

We did have problems with our youngest throwing food. He doesn't do that anymore. Now he likes to stuff food in his drinking glass. He's stubborn. A sweet kid, but stubborn. We've given him timeouts, and he comes back and does this behavior again. I'm hoping it's just a stage like throwing his food was just a stage.

blueviolet said...

My mom was a tyrant, so I'm much more relaxed, but yes, I did have rules. They all had to sit down flat (not on knees or crouching, lol) and shoot, I guess that was about it!

Steph said...

Not yet (she's only 18 months) and my husband works nights so dinner is really relaxed. When we have my stepdaughter though, it's sit flat on your butt, no burping, and when you're done, you're done. I don't want to force food down my kid's throats because that was a big problem with some friends growing up. No clean plates for us! Just eat what you can, then wash up

S Club Mama said...

We pray before meals too (even Isaac puts his hands together - too cute). We have Tristan say "excuse me" if he burps. He has to eat what's on his plate. I make sure to give him smaller portions so it's just right (and if he's still hungry he can ask for more). If I think I've given him too much, I tell him he has to eat a certain amount (4 bites or something).

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