Moon Dough - Magical Molding Dough Review

Evan really enjoys playing with toys that allow him to make something. He feels a huge sense of accomplishment when whatever he is making comes together.

Moon Dough allows him to easily make new creations. It is magical molding dough that never dries out, is hypo-allergenic, and is Wheat-free. Yeah, you heard me-dough that never dries out!

Moon Dough sent us the Moon Dough Barn. It came with the barn, a fence mold, a hay mold, a small paper mat, and 3 different colors of dough.

Create your own magical barnyard with the Moon Dough Barn play set! Mold hay bales, place Moon Dough into the barn, and turn the handle Wow! One of 4 different barnyard animals is magically created for you to play with - It's a surprise every time! Mold fences that you can connect together to build a barnyard of your very own. And because Moon Dough never dries out, you can make tons of fun creations - again and again! Soft, light, wheat-free and non-drying, Moon Dough is out of this world!

Moon Dough is not recommended for children under 3, and I completely agree! Evan just turned 3 and can make a bit of a mess with it. When it first arrived, it was raining and he wanted to play with it immediately. I set up his little desk in the kitchen so he wouldn't get it on my carpet(even though you can comb it out of the carpet and vacuum it up).

I was shocked to feel that it is completely dry! It is extremely light weight-almost like foam. My only complaint is that it crumbles. If any pieces fall off, it leaves a crumbly mess. To easily pick them up, you simply take a ball of Moon Dough and dab up the pieces. Since he is only 3, he tends to spread the mess all over. The next day I made him play with it outside on the deck and in 10 minutes, here was the mess.

He has an absolute blast with this barn. It is one of his new favorite toys. Here is how it works. First you put the dough into the hole.

Then turn the lever.

And out pops an animal.

The only improvement that I can think to make with the barn is to label the molds at the top so you know which animal you're putting the dough into(maybe with a picture of the animal for younger kids). He was also a little upset that there was no pig! The little play mat that was included has a fence with mud and he wanted to put a pig in the mud. He would tell me he wanted to make a chicken, but we weren't sure which one the chicken mold was, so we just had to put dough in each one and crank it until a chicken popped out.

**UPDATED TO ADD: The dough has no strong smell!! It has a slight smell-but you're not going to notice unless you put it up to your nose and I am sensitive to smells.**

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may very from others. Thank you to Moon Dough who supplied the product for the review as part of a campaign for Team Mom.

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Brandy said...

We totally loved this! Your animals and fence came out way better than ours though ;-)

Stefani @ said...

Looks like lots of fun! I want to try it with my kids....

Leigh said...

What about the smell? The smell of play doh gets to me, but my daughter loves to play with it - does the moon doh have a funky smell?

Momstart said...

We loved playing with this too!

Our Crazy Life said...

This is great, I am going to get some for a upcoming birthday. I know she will love it!!

Anonymous said...

I got the barn set a few days ago for my daughters 3rd birthday. I threw away the moon sand because it was such a mess, and this isn't any better! It definetely has a funky smell to it, kind of like a glue or something? But the stuff has ended up all over the house! It may never dry out but with everything that crumbles and falls on the floor u will have to keep refilling it! never going to buy another "moon" anything:)

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