mOmma Fedding Products Review + mOmma’s Messiest mOmments Photo Contest

Isabella is now at the stage where she is trying to learn to feed herself. I have been arming myself with some of the best feeding products to help her.

mOmma combines Innovation, technology, movement and colors. As their website states, they are a revolutionary line of baby products that encourages baby to discover their surroundings with products that are unique in shape, movement and color, thus transforming each moment of your baby’s mealtime into a moment of growth, learning and pleasure.

mOmma sent us a set of their feeding products.

mOmma Developmental Meal Set

The mOmma Developmental Meal Set works with your baby to increase motor skills & enjoy feeding time.

Stage 1: (4m+) Plate & Spoon. Plate designed with non-slip and non-tip base. Two compartments separate foods, promote taste differentiation and develop dipping skills. Spoon with soft tip is easy on baby’s gums. Rocking base entertains while keeping utensil upright and preventing contact with soiled surfaces.

Stage 2: (6m+) Fork with rigid, yet soft, prong promotes normal use of utensils by baby.

• Plate – 1.75” H x 7.75” D
• Spoon – 4.25” H x 1.75” D
• Fork - 4.25” H x 1.75” D
• Round ergonomic shape
• Safe and hygienic
• Dishwasher Safe
• BPA & Phthalate FREE

The spoon and fork were a huge hit with both of my kids. If you put the utensils down, they wobble on the round base and stand straight up-this way the part that goes in their mouth never touches an unsanitary surface. The plate is adorable and even my picky eaters want eat off of it. The bottom is rounded so that even when they push hard on it trying to get their food, they don't dump it over.

mOmma Sippy Cup

Creating a sense of familiarity, the Non-Spill Cup mirrors the feeding bottle’s round design. To help your child progress, this stage incorporates dual handles to strengthen baby’s grip. The cup remains upright, eliminating the fears of unhygienic surfaces, should your little one nudge or drop. The cup is equipped with a non-spill lid to prevent liquids from dripping when carried along to play dates and doctor visits.

Bonus: The clever device is designed to accept the whole line of mOmma lids (bottle & straw cup) for every stage of feeding!

• Size: 9 oz / 250 ml
• Dimensions: 5.25” H x 3.5” D (5.25” D with handles)
• Round ergonomic shape
• Safe and hygienic
• Latest technology non-spill system
• Non-spill cover
• Roly-Poly
• Developmental system
• Dishwasher Safe
• BPA & Phthalate FREE

I love this sippy! It has the ounces marked on the side so you know exactly how much they're drinking. This is a great feature if you're trying to switch to sippy cups and are still making formula. As long as the little plastic valve is inserted correctly, it doesn't leak at all. I thought the tip might be too wide for Isabella, but she drinks out of it just fine and the handles allow her to tote it around easily.

mOmma Rocking Cup

Stage #3: Cup with Straw
The dual handle Cup with Straw is equipped with a twisting lid to promote independence. This modern closing system allows baby to access and store feeding straw within the lid. This motion increases baby’s motor skills and further strengthens their grip, while maximizing hygiene.

Bonus: The clever device is designed to accept the whole line of mOmma lids (bottle & sippy non-spill cup) for every stage of feeding!

• Size: 9 oz / 250 ml
• Dimensions: 5.25” H x 3.5” D (5.25” D with handles)
• Round ergonomic shape
• Safe and hygienic
• In & out straw system
• Roly-Poly
• Non-spill
• Developmental system
• Dishwasher Safe
• BPA & Phthalate FREE
• 100% Polypropylene

The kids fight over this cup all of the time. The straw is so much fun and if they drop the cup, it just wobbles and stands up so the straw doesn't touch the floor. You simply slide the cap to the side and the straw goes back in. I was worried that it would leak, but not a drop has come out of that cup!!

mOmma Wash Brush

The bristles on the mOmma Wash thoroughly clean mOmma feeding bottles & cups thanks to the custom round shape. It is easy to use and grip with its ergonomic shape.

Cleaning bottles & cups was never completed with such ease, while looking so chic.

• 5.25”H x 3.25” D
• Perfect cleaning
• Ergonomic grip
• Round mOmma bottle/cup shape

The brush is shaped just like the cups so it is incredibly easy to clean them. I've used it with other cups too because the design makes it where it is easy to get in hard to reach areas.

I couldn't be happier about this set of feeding products and only with I would have known about it sooner. I think it was genius for them to create a line that stayed upright. The whole set is functional, yet fun for the kids!

Be sure to "like" mOmma on Facebook to enter their contest!! They are kicking off the mOmma’s messiest mOmments photo contest from August 2 – September 10, 2010. Proud parents can enter a photo of their tot’s messiest mealtime moment for a chance to win a prize pack of mOmma product for themselves and a friend (total value: $104.50).

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may very from others. Thank you to mOmma who supplied the product for the review as part of a campaign for Team Mom.

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Shannon said...

We LOVE these. Aren't they great?

Shop with Me Mama said...

We love ours too! Now I can't wait to have a new little one to use these too :)

Bobbie (One Scrappy Mom) said...

How neat are those!! I love the utensils!! These are perfect for my little nephew!!

Brandy said...

I didn't know the contest was to be shared on mine :-( Oops ... I did love how Baby K enjoyed the products though! Glad to see your little one did too!

Megan said...

Hey Dee!

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