LOTS Of Winners

With the kids both having their birthdays last week, things have been very busy and I'm behind on picking winners. Since more giveaways ended Monday, I decided to wait and post them all at once.

I also noticed that someone is entering some of my giveaways TWICE with different names-but the same email address. I will be checking for things like this and you will be disqualified. As a reminder, if you say you follow my blog or subscribe, I am going to check and you will not be picked if you are not doing what you say you are.

The Namaste Handbag had 1966 comments and the winner is:
Kimberlys Way

The Crocs Giveaway had 1312 comments and the winner is:

The FloorMall.Com Giveaway
had 1195 comments and the winner is:

The Flirty Diva Tees Giveaway had 524 comments and the winner is:

The Envibum Cloth Diaper Giveaway had 557 comments and the winner is:
C's Mommy

The SootheTIME Giveaway had 273 comments and the winner is:

The ShooShoos Giveaway had 734 comments and the winner is:

The Bambino Mio Swim Diaper Giveaway had 263 comments and the winners are:
Sarah Hull-nappy

The winners will all be emailed shortly!

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MaryB said...

Oh, no! I hope you're not talking about me! I used to enter giveaways with my OpenID and am now getting error messages with a lot of Blogger sites so I'm switching over to using my Blogger ID. But I've never entered the same info more than once, only continued to enter a giveaway with extra entries on my Blogger ID. If that makes sense... Anyways, hope you're not talking about me!
mcbrady 13 at hotmail dot com
(OpenID thishumanscondition)

Heather said...

Thank you so much. We can't wait to get the Shoo Shoes!!!

Rachel C said...

Congrats everybody! those were some GREAT prizes!

S Club Mama said...


Idaho Jill said...

congrats to the winners! I don't know how people who cheat live with themselves...

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