The Last Song - DVD Released August 17th

My family and I are extremely close. You will find us together pretty much every weekend. It always breaks my heart when people say they aren't close with their parents. The Last Song is a DVD about the struggles a father and daughter face trying to become close again.

Miley Cyrus (“Hannah Montana,” Hannah Montana: The Movie) and Greg Kinnear (Oscar® nominee, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, As Good As It Gets, 1997, Little Miss Sunshine, You’ve Got Mail) star as an estranged father and daughter in this year’s most heartwarming love story. Bobby Coleman (Take, Martian Child), Liam Hemsworth (Knowing), Hallock Beals, Kelly Preston (Jerry Maguire, The Cat in the Hat), Stephanie Leigh and Nick Searcy (Castaway, The Ugly Truth) round out the cast. Directed by Julie Ann Robinson (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Big Love”), The Last Song is set in a small Southern beach town where father and daughter reconnect with the help of their shared love for music. The journey is complete with discoveries of friendship, first love and second chances.

I thoroughly enjoyed this DVD. My husband being the manly man that he is says he didn't enjoy it as much as I did, but did sit and watch it with me. My sister and mom also both loved it. Without giving too much away, keep some tissues near because you'll probably shed a tear or 100.

I did not get a chance to read the book before watching the DVD, but I plan on reading it soon. I love Nicholas Sparks and think that this story is another amazing hit. It makes you want to grab and hold onto your parents.

Bonus Features for The Last Song:

- Set Tour with Bobby Coleman – Audiences will have an all access pass to see how a film is made through the eyes of the new up-and comer and star of The Last Song, Bobby Coleman. This rambunctious eight-year old will bring his fans along as he does everything from interview Adam Shankman and Miley’s security team, to going on a seashell scavenger hunt.
- Making of the Music Video, “When I Look At You” with Miley Cyrus – Go behind-the-scenes of the music video, “When I Look At You”. It will feature recording studio footage, b-roll from the set, interviews with Miley and crew, clips from the film and music video. Audiences will learn how the film’s motif, southern summer romance, is incorporated into feel and theme of the music video.
- Miley Cyrus Music Video: “When I Look At You”

Blu-Ray Exclusive Features:

- Alternate Opening Sequence: The Church Fire (with optional commentary by director)
- Deleted Scenes (with optional commentary by director)
o Ronnie At The Piano
o Steve & Ronnie At The Beach
o Hospital Montage
o Vegan Cookies
o Juggling On The Pier
- Audio Commentary– with Director Julie Anne Robinson and Co-Producer Jennifer Gibgot.

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The Last Song was released on DVD today(August 17, 20101) and has a suggested retail price of $39.99 (US) and $44.99 (Canada) for Blu-ray & DVD Combo Pack, $29.99 (US) and $35.99 (Canada) for 1-Disc DVD.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. I was given this DVD by the company and/or pr agency for the purpose of this review.

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Maggie said...

I really really really want to see this movie - it looks amazing!!!

Tired Mom Tésa said...

Nicholas Sparks is always good for a few tears and a good movie. This one looks great as well.

Shop with Me Mama said...

I have seen previews of this and have been wanting to watch it!! Great review, now I NEED to watch it!

Bobbie (One Scrappy Mom) said...

I really want to see this. It looks so very touching! Thanks for the recommendation!

Penelope said...

I've been wanting to see this! Thanks for the review.

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