HELP! I Can't Follow New Blogs

This has been going on for two months and I've been waiting for google to fix itself. I can't follow new blogs. I can't even sign in to manage the blogs I follow already(thinking that maybe I follow to many blogs and I'll delete some blogs that maybe don't post anymore)!

If I go to a blog that I do NOT already follow and click follow, the box pops up:
"Sign in using an account you've already created"

I click on google and the sign up box comes up. I put in my user name and password.....then it takes me BACK to the "Sign in using an account you've already created" screen. I do this about 10 times THINKING it will just work-but it doesn't. SO then I have to sign in using my twitter name. Well, I don't want to because the new posts won't show up on my GOOGLE dashboard.

IF it is a blog I already follow, when I sign in with my user name and password, it goes back to that blog and shows that I already follow.

IF I go to my dashboard to manage the blogs I follow, it won't let me.

Again, this has been going on for 2 months and I don't understand WHY I can't follow anymore blogs. If I don't follow your blog, chances are that I'd like to-I just CAN'T.

Anyone know why?

**UPDATED** Thanks so much Renee! It was the cookies-I can't believe that I've waited this long to ask!

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Auntie E said...

Is there a limit? It might have to do with Goggle bandwidth for you, you might exceed it. You might try getting a facebook account and start following new one through Facebook Network blogs. I have one and the facebook network followers is on my page it is easy to do.
My AF link for you

Renee said...

What sometimes works for me is:
1) Go to your tools on the very tippy top of your page (Where it says File Edit View Favorites Tools Help)
2) Select Internet Options from the list
3) Under the General Tab select:
Delete Cookies then after that has completed
Delete Files then after that
Clear History

See if that works.

Cassie and Lou said...

I follow most of my blogs with "Google Reader." If you have a google account it's way easy. E-mail me if you'd like to talk about this idea more.

Krystyn said...

Hmm...have you checked the google help desk? You can often find info there?

Sarah said...

Have you tried signing in to your Google account, going to Google Reader, and going to your Blogger Dashboard from there? Maybe that would work.

Brassy said...

Try Renee's advice - I think I had a similar Google sign-in issue before and it was related to internet cookies. Make sure you didn't simply turn off cookies accidently either.

Heather McDougle said...

I have had the same problem for months! I no longer follow my google friend follow blogs in reader and just subscribe to the ones i actually want to read and leave the rest alone. It hasn't been user friendly for me in awhile.

Just Breathe said...

Mine stopped at 300 a very long time ago. I now use google reader and haven't had any issues.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem so I'm going to try Renee's idea with the cookies.
I agree though, Google Reader seems to be more user friendly....

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I am glad you got things all figured out because I would not have been of any help!

AF_wife said...

I have been having the same problem! THANK YOU Renee!! And thank YOU for posting this!

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