Max & Ruby: A Visit With Grandma DVD

Evan has a few shows that are his favorites, but Max And Ruby is at the top of that list. It is actually on my TV as I type this.

Max & Ruby: A Visit With Grandma
became available on DVD June 15th. Evan was thrilled when we were sent a review copy.

The DVD runs for about 99 minutes and episodes include:

Grandma's Treasure Hunt / Ruby's Jigsaw Puzzle / Ruby's Recital

Grandma has organized a Treasure Hunt for Max, Ruby and Louise. Max thinks it’s all about “Pirates!” but Ruby and Louise know it’s all about treasure! The final clue leads them to Grandma’s house, where, to their surprise, Grandma greets them in the backyard, with a trunk full of treasure, but dressed as a “Pirate!”

Ruby is putting a puzzle together and Max is playing with his infamous diabolical lobster. When the lobster nabs a puzzle part, first Max, and then Ruby, go on a mad dash to get the puzzle piece back from the lobster.

Grandma’s coming over for an outdoor recital. Ruby doesn’t know what instrument she’s going to play, and Max keeps interrupting her search, asking for more glasses of “Water!” When Grandma comes, Ruby still isn’t prepared, but that’s okay because Max has followed Grandma’s instructions and they both play a recital for Ruby on glasses filled with “Water!”

Ruby's Rainbow / Ruby's Home Tweet Home / Max's Mudpie
Ruby wants to paint a perfect rainbow for Grandma, but she can’t remember the colors or the order they go in, while Max wants to go out to the “Backyard.” Ruby says he can’t go outside because it’s raining, but when she finally follows him out, there’s a rainbow in the “Backyard.”

Ruby & Louise build a birdhouse. Max says “Hungry” and Ruby gets him a peanut butter sandwich, then berries, then sunflower seeds. When the birds don’t come near Ruby and Louise’s birdhouse, Max uses the treats to attract the birds, who are “Hungry!”

Max keeps trying to make a “Mudpie!” Ruby wants him to stay clean, because Grandma’s coming over and she’s got something very special. Max gets himself and Ruby mucky, but that’s okay. Turns out that Grandma’s surprise is a messy-to-eat double chocolate fudge treat she calls “Mudpie!”

Ruby's Missing Tune / Ruby's Home Run / Ruby's Handstand
Ruby wants to get a home run on the baseball team, and Max wants to play with his “Airplane!” After several attempts, during which Max plane causes her to strike, Ruby accidentally hits the ball and then chases the plane around the bases, surprising herself by getting a home run, thanks to Max’s “Airplane!”

Ruby & Louise are putting on a ballet, and Max wants to drive his “Race Car.” When Ruby’s boom box is broken, Ruby can’t remember the tune, until Max’s comes up with the missing notes when he honks the horn on his “Race Car.”

Ruby is supposed to do a handstand and hold if for five seconds for her Bunny Scout “Gymnastic Bunny” badge. Ruby has two problems – one is that her arm muscles won’t hold her for five whole seconds, and the other is Max, who keeps interrupting and asking her to push him on the “Swing!” But when it comes time for her to perform her handstand for Bunny Scout leader, Ruby discovers she’s built up her muscles, thanks to pushing Max on the “Swing!”

Ruby's Good Neighbor Report / Candy Counting / Ruby's New Shoes

Ruby is collecting stories from members of the community for her Good Neighbor Badge. Max has his “Fire Truck”, which ends up helping him come to the rescue during each of Ruby’s interviews. In the end, Ruby’s Report is about her brother the Good Neighbor, and his “Fire Truck!”

Ruby’s the first one in the door of Candi’s Candy Store to try to win the Candy Counting contest. But it’s hard to get an accurate count when you’ve got a little brother who keeps interrupting when he thinks he’s helping.

Ruby wants to buy some new shoes at the shoe sale in the department store. Max wants to meet "Super Bunny!" who's making a personal appearance there. As Ruby keeps searching for the perfect pair of shoes, Max thinks he's going to miss his chance, until the day is saved for both of them thanks to "Super Bunny!'

We have watched this DVD several times since it arrived and Evan loves it-as I knew he would. We even took it with us on our recent beach trip and he watched it in the car on the way down. It was nice to have him occupied for 99 minutes. Even though Evan loves the show, I always wonder where their parents are because Ruby is so young and she takes care of Max all day, yet they have a grandma that they visit.

If you have Max And Ruby fans at your house, A Visit With Grandma would make a great addition to your collection.

Buy It!

You can purchase Max & Ruby: A Visit With Grandma for $11.99.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may very from others. Thank you to Paramount/Nickelodeon who supplied the product for review.

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My little girl goes crazy with Max & Ruby, she could watch them all day, if I let her.

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