Birthday Party Question Answered - The Cake(s)

If you haven't been here long, you might not know that my kids are almost exactly two years apart. Evan's 3rd birthday will be on August 3rd and Isabella's 1st birthday will be August 5th.

I will be having a big birthday event on my blog with some great reviews/giveaways that I will formally announce soon. Right now I'm trying to get the actual birthday party planned. I have never thrown a big party, but we're going to this year.

We went to the beach with family for Evan's 1st birthday and last year I was going to have Isabella at any second, so i didn't plan a party. I will be having one combined party for them this year and I'm a little confused about the cake and here are my questions:

I'll be making the cakes myself:

For everyone(the main cake(s))-Should I do two regular sized cakes(one for each theme) or just do cupcakes(several for each theme).

For the smash cake-I had an 8 inch cake for Evan, but should I just do a cupcake for Isabella's? What did you have for your kid(s)? A cupcake for them to dig into or a regular sized one layered cake?

The theme is Princess/Pirate, have you seen any super cute ideas?

And just because I don't like posts without pictures-here is my chunky monkey on his first birthday with his smash cake.

Just for fun-HOLY COW BATMAN-look at that belly! Keep in mind I was 40 weeks pregnant. :)

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Crystal said...
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Oka said...

If you are looking for the cute effect, I think the 8inch is the way to go for the grab me cake. Otherwise a cupcake will do.

Personally, I think I would do two theme cakes. You could even make one chocolate and one white (or two other flavors). Of course you can decide the size of the cakes based on the size of the party. Like two quarter sheet cakes, two double layered round, two half sheet, etc.

If you are interested in doing one cake you could do a scene wear the pirate is saving(or kidnapping) a princess???

Ang said...

We did a big combined birthday party for 3 of my 4, one being a first birthday. What I would do is make one big cake making one half princess and one half pirate, then do cupcakes for the smashing. We just let the baby use his main cake, but I would have had a cupcake for him had I had more time. Here is the post that has the pictures of the cakes. I was thinking about the Star Wars cake size split in 2 for the combined princess/pirate cake. I think it is a 16X20 or close to that size.

brizmus said...

OHmygoodness, so fun that you have a smash cake! I love it!
I say go with two medium sized cakes, and Isabella should have a cupcake smash cake!
Your son and I share a birthday!

natalee said...

I love the idea of a smash cake....!!! I'm going to do one this year.... I would do two cakes..Good luck my friend...!!! Your going to need lots of rest after the double party

Mellisa said...

Your kids are adorable! I have a 6 year old boy and a 2 year old girl. For my son's 2nd bday party we did a pirate theme and it was by far one of my favorite parties. I went to the dollar store and bought the kids their own pirate stuff like eye patch, hook, hat. (this doubled for goodie bags). We "hunted" treasure in the backyard (candy) The kids loved it there is so much you can do with this theme.

For my daughter's 1st we did princess. I had one cake for her and cupcakes for the rest of the kids.

Each time I have a party I make a themed cake and cupcakes just in case the cake is a disaster and the kids almost always go for the cupcakes!

Mellisa :)

Amy - AKA - TigerMommie said...

What fun!.......This next little one and TigerBoy will be almost exactly 4 years just all depends on when s/he decides to make an appearance in Sept!.....

It's so hard to decide......on one hand I love the idea of a split cake, since you could probably find a way to combine the themes.....but also the cupcakes would work that way too!....And for a party, cupcakes would be so easy to spread around....
For TigerBoy, I had gotten a little carrot cake from Whole Foods.....practically about the size of a cup cake......and it worked just fine for something he could ended up in crumbs!
So I would say a cupcake is good for her to smash!

Tabitha said...

I used the Wilton Cupcake Puzzle to make a teddy bear for my little one's first. It didn't make a whole lot of cupcakes so I made an extra batch. I just used a cupcake with a teddy bear holding a number 1 candle.
My child has never wasted food. He didn't do the whole "smash the cake" thing. He picked up his cupcake and carefully ate every bite! LOL!

Candy said...

You could do a big combine cake but have each of them with their own smash cakes, well smash for Isabella and just a personal for Evan...

Rose @ NetWorkingWitches said...

My kids are 4 years, 8 days apart. When they were younger I was all weird about their birthday's being on their OWN days.
Now as they have gotten older - I combine the whole ordeal zap it out in a single day. They each get their own cake.

For my kids, they had their own little smash cake. So what they hey, make up for lost time let them each go nuts in their own little cake.
Or save yourself the clean-up and give them each their own cupcake to rip apart. (I think you secretly want them to each have their own smash cake lol)

alissa4illustration said...

We combine birthdays in our family. We always need 2 cakes anyhow.

My mom used to make cakes that were princess themed and they looked like this:

I like this pirate cake:

S Club Mama said...

I did a smash cake for Tristan; I'm still unsure of whether I'll do a cupcake or smash cake for Isaac. He doesn't eat as much as Tristan...and I don't know how I'd decorate it.

But smash cakes are fun!!

Chari said...

I love making cakes!! I'm doing a Maisy train one for my son who's birthday is Aug 16!

I recommend is unlimited pictures of any kind of cake you can think of. You'll definitely find something there you want to make. Can't wait to see your cakes!

S Club Mama said...

This year, I'm doing ant cupcakes for Isaac's party & probably a full-sized one (although I don't know how to decorate it). For Tristan's I'm doing a smash cake & cupcakes - in the shape of Blue's Clues pawprint and then a full-sized cake (not sure how I'm going to decorate that one either). Oh gosh, I should decide this stuff, huh?

Heather said...

We just did a pre-cake smashing with a slice of cake for our 11 month old. She wasn't too into it, but I have been feeding her small bites of the cake and icing the past few days and she's really enjoying it. So maybe by July 20th, she will really be into making a mess with her smash cake? Heaven knows. Then in Oct., we are having a combined late b-day party for both kiddos in CA when we drive there to see our families! So my baby girl will get a cupcake or just a slice of cake then, we will see. My son, he's almost 3, won't even eat cake or ice cream, let alone much of anything else. :(

Linda Henderson said...

All of my girls are 18 months apart, so I know how ya feel. :) My 2nd and 4th, their birthdays are dec 4th and dec 6th, so for now we combine their parties into 1 as well. :) We usually get one big cake in a theme they both can agree on or a set of cupcakes for each and they choose what they want, etc. I like the idea of one big cake for everyone and then their own individual "smash" cakes for the 2 kids, etc. :) And if you happen to need some cute pirate/boy and or girl, bday invites let me know please I would be happy to create something for ya. :)

I adore the messy face cake pics, thats the bets part!! :)

Not Just A Mommy! said...

I'm a fan of cupcakes, I'm so intimidated by trying to decorate a whole cake. Plus, there is no fighting over who's piece is bigger, who's piece has what decoration, plus it's easy to serve.

How about making a jumbo cupcake for the smash cake? I have a 6 cup pan from my craft store, with a 40% coupon made it affordable. Or you can go to the next level with those super-jumbo cupcake pans? You know, the ones that make just one mondo cupcake?

Crystal said...

I'm such an idiot..I guess I didn't read the answered part. But if you ever need that cake link... lol
In that case I might go with the smash cupcake for her. You do a great job descorating cakes..Me not so much so I have to shell out 60 bucks for a cake every year. DH's bday is Monday I think I am going to give decorating a try. Maybe if I can gett the hang of it I can do one for GiGi as well

sharonjo said...

I'd suggest not attempting anything too difficult; it will just add to your stress level! I think young kids love cupcakes so I'd do those for everything, including the "smash cakes." Wilton has really cute themed cupcake stands with cupcake liners and Pix. (And no, I don't work for Wilton!!)



It looks like the Pirate one is discontinued--maybe check eBay?

I'm sure whatever you end up doing will be great--and the kiddos will have a ball! Hope you post pictures after the big day!

deanna said...

Decorated a treasure chest and have cupcakes with gold frosting to look like gold coins.

for the princess you can also have cupcakes . make them into the shape of the top of a wand maybe.

Just my ideas.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I would do two cakes, one for each of the themes. That way they both get to blow out their own candles. I would do a smash cake for Isabella for sure since it is her first birthday, but I don't think you really need one for Evan unless you just wanted one. We did a pirate bday a while back and the cake was a treasure chest...eveyone loved it!

Marvelous Mommy said...

I like the cupcake idea for everyone. Sometimes it easier to grab a cupcake instead of a plate, fork, cake, etc. But for the smash cake I think you should do the 8 inch. It's messier that way! :-)

Grampy said...

I go along with Ang. A half and half cake and cupcakes for smashing.I would like to know what the smashing rules are. We have never done one. My granddaughter will be six Aug 2nd.

Christine H said...

OH Your kids are so cute. I'm almost 37 and haven't been able to get pregnant. But I'm ok with it now and I just live it baby sitting other peoples kids. But I'd love to do theme'd birthday parties, easter baskets All that fun stuff. :)

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