Traintastic Chuggington Party - New Episode Airs This Weekend

Have you been introduced to Chuggington? If not, you can check out this incredibly cute show on Playhouse Disney. I first posted about Chuggington when they premiered in January.

A new show will air tomorrow, May 29th on Playhouse Disney so the amazing people behind Chuggington sent us a screening pack to throw a "Traintastic" Party!!

The pack included the screening of the new Chugginton episode, DVDs of the theme song for each child to take home, a Flip video camera, Chuggington Hats, crayons, coloring sheets for all of the kids, and popcorn.

The Flip video camera(which had a picture of the Chuggington characters on the front) was included to show off my son's mad dancing skills to the adorable theme song. He now has me record almost everything that he does so he can watch it -over and over again. You'll be seeing more videos soon.

The hats were HUGE, but how cute is this? The kids loved them, even if they couldn't look up.

I don't like posting a bunch of things that have other kids in them. But I don't mind showing you how cute my kid is. I took several videos of them dancing to Chuggington, but this one was taken the first time I used the camera. It cracks me up because he keeps getting distracted by his hat.

I was surprised that two of them had never seen Chuggington! We have created new Chuggington fans and they were all jumping around singing "Toot your horns!". :)

Not only does a new episode air in the US on May 29th, but you can pre order Chuggington TOYS!! Evan is a train freak and I'm sure he'll want it all once he's introduced to it.

Can't get enough Chuggington? Visit the Chuggington website to play games! Be sure to follow them on Twitter, and become a fan on facebook so you can stay up to date on all of the Chuggington News. You can also keep checking in here because I am an official "Chuggington Conductor" and will be keeping you up to date.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may vary from others. Thank you to Chuggington who supplied the products to throw the party.

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Dawnette Thomas said...

We like Chuggington as well.

Sheri Carpetenter said...

Stopping by to check out the latest posts. Hope you have an awesome weekend.
By the way I tagged you in a Meme please come by and check it out.

Carrie said...

Chuggington is the best! We absolutely love it here too. Looks like a great party!

alissa4illustration said...

This is when I wished we had cable. We just are not home much, so I can't justify getting cable. I have shown my kids this on YouTube. They liked it.

sarah buki said...

just saw this a few weeks ago and my son loved it.
sabeckstrom at yahoo dot com

Shelley T. said...

New Follower

Anonymous said...

thanks! we're having a Chuggington party for my son in two weeks..these are great ideas. (Can't wait for our pre-ordered Chuggington toys to arrive to surprise him!):) -Liz chlives at hotmail dot com

Rachel C said...

Lucky you! Those hats are too cute :)
That Chuggington song gets stuck in your head doesn't it?!?

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