Top 10 Pregnancy Fears

I don't know any mom that doesn't worry about their kids. From the moment you see that little plus sign and know you're pregnant, your head starts turning and these crazy fears arise.

I had a few scares early on with Evan and I was pretty terrified throughout my pregnancies that something would happen. The Bump talked to several mommies and found out what their biggest pregnancy fears were.

Visit their newest feature, Top 10 Pregnancy Fears (and Why You Probably Shouldn't Worry) to see what my biggest fear was and why. Any woman that has ever been pregnant can relate to this article.

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Mommy Gourmet said...

Great article! I have to say... once I could feel the baby move (so I "felt" like i could monitor if they were okay) my biggest fear was delivery. No... no, not the pain...sadly I was terrified I would poop on the table.

Jen @ After The Alter said...

I never realized how scary it could be. I suffered a miscarriage last July, and I am finally pregnant again. (7 weeks) and I am terrified! We have our first appt monday and I'm dying. I thought it all would just be easy going and fun but boy was I wrong. Knowing how bad a first appt can go...I just really need to have a good one.

Cjengo said...

While I believe it's useless to worry, I do believe women should be educated regarding issues that could go wrong. If we are aware of the situation then we can be proactive. I was unaware that 1 out of every 4000 babies suffers an in utero stroke either during the pregnancy or at delivery. It was only when I learned that my child's brain ventricles were "slightly" enlarged that this could be the issue. Thanks goodness I did research because if I had not I would never have caught that at 3 months when he was simply opening and closing his mouth over over.....that it was a seizure. There is again no need to worry, but to better educate our community. In my opinion.

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