Isabella At 8 Months

Isabella turned 8 months old yesterday. She is still an amazingly good baby and almost never cries. She brings so much joy and love into our lives.

She has been pulling up for a few weeks now. I'm confident that she is moving so fast just to keep up with Evan. Here is a peak at what she has to put up with.

She spots the car and wants to get it.

Still checking it out.

Gets up to be closer to the car.

As soon as she gets to it, big brother snatches it.

She's been crawling really well for about a month now(she was army crawling for about a month before that) and sits up on her own. Evan didn't start crawling until he was about 9 months. Isabella wants to keep up with him and is on the move all the time. I caught her trying to crawl up the stairs a few days ago.

She took her first bubble bath on March 17th and couldn't stop laughing at her reflection.

There are still no signs of teeth. She had some horrible diaper rash last week and I was hoping that meant teeth were coming, but still nothing.

She REFUSES to pick food up and feed herself. She wants me to feed her everything. The child loves food and wants to eat whenever she sees someone else eating.

I'm not sure how much she weighs, but I can tell she's starting to get a little fat on her legs..finally.

She's still tall for her age and is about the same height as my friend's 13 month old.

If you missed it, her first word was "mama" and she still says it consistently when she's looking for me or is getting sleepy. She says "dadadada" when she's playing with her toys, but I don't think she associates it with daddy.

She eats her bottles in her Bright Starts Automatic Bouncer because she moves too much if you try and feed her while holding her. She gets all cozy and falls asleep in the bouncer often.

She hasn't been awake at all in the middle of the night in weeks. She still doesn't like me to rock her, she'd rather just fall asleep while sucking her thumb in her crib.

Her hair is starting to grow so that I can put bows in her hair and she doesn't always have to wear headbands. Can you believe I did a whole post about her and not one of the pictures has her with a hair bow?

She had a great Easter and I will be posting those pictures soon! Here is one...just because I couldn't write a whole post about Isabella and not have at least one picture with a girly hair accessory.

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Jus and Kat said...

There's something about girly hair accessories, isn't there? I just love them! She's adorable, with or without the bows!

Anonymous said...

She is too adorable!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

What a sweetie! I love the picture of her laughing at her reflection in the bathtub!

Cascia said...

She is beautiful. My son is eight months too. That is such a fun age. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Still On The Verge said...

She is just beautiful!


Hoity Toity Baby said...

I LOVE the picture of her in the tub looking at the drain! I have one of Laney doing the same thing. Aren't they all just so stinking yummy?

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Awww... what a sweetie!

Jess said...

8 months?? Noooo way! Sigh they grow up way too fast! She's adorable!

Candy said...

She can NOT be 8 months already!!!! so adorable!

Jenn said...

She is beautiful Dee I cant believe that she is 8 months already!

Amy A.K.A. "The Mrs." said...

wow! I can't believe that she's already crawling. Alex was around 9 months when he started crawling too.
I love the pictures!

Brandy said...

Oh she is growing so fast! I think she is the cutest! I miss my 7 yr old being a baby!! LOL

Happy Wednesday friend!

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

love the pictures! she is a stinkin' cutie!

LisaL said...

Isabella is so adorable. I love her hair accessories. I wish Sydney would let me put them in her hair or the lack of. lol Love all the pics.

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