The "CVS Game"

I have read several posts about how many of you are scoring a ton of great stuff for hardly any out of pocket cost. I wanted to get in on the "game", but wasn't sure how to get started. I've been reading Southern Savers to help pair coupons with local stores and know they have some great CVS tips.

I ventured out Friday and got my first CVS card. I bought $25 worth of certain products and got $10 ECB. They expire sometime in May, but I'm hoping to use them this week and make more ECB. I look forward to getting my paper after church and seeing what deals I can get.

Am I the only person out there that hasn't been "playing this game"? Are you a pro at racking up CVS ECB and using them to score free stuff? If you have any tips, please let me know.

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Frugal Science Gal said...

My tip is to get the $25 for a new transferred prescription coupons and transfer a prescription over. Once you have started rolling over your extra bucks this will let your money go a LONG way! I go to CVS every week and I have gotten 3 $25 gift cards and haven't spent a penny since January with plenty to go!

Jennifer Leigh said...

I do it often too although I often find myself spending much more money then I planned on. I'll spend $50 for about $150 in stuff. I have bought dish soap or tooth paste in over a year lol

The Iron Edge said...

Kingdom First Mom ( has a GREAT way to get started. I've been doing her little challenges but at Walgreen's instead of CVS. on sunday, she posts a "challenge" to only spend $5 out of pocket. she tells you what to buy, what coupons to use, etc. and what you get back in return!! 3 weeks in a row now and I love it!!!

News Around The Blogs said...

Every week I post all the great deals I find and tell you which coupons to use and when. I LOVE playing the CVS game!

Jennifer H said...

I play the game too and have been since Dec. It's so easy to get started just by following the blogs. I do Southernsavers too. :) And Good luck on saving money!! And yea, the running joke is, you never pay for toothpaste again!

Trish said...

i've been playing and if you really research and do the coupon thing you can get stuff almost free, i got a free bottle of pantene conditioner last week or really they paid me a penny for it!! you'll get the hang of it its kinda fun to try to get free stuff or next to free.

Staycee said...

I like CVS but LOVE Rite Aid..
I personally think CVS is much more expensive but you can get a few good freebies weekly. Between the 2 of them you can make out pretty good.
I go to Rite Aid atleast 3 days a week and pay very little if anything. You can print out $5 off $20 coupons every time you go and use the instore and Sunday paper coupons that always match up to the sales, and they really add up .Plus you get a monthly rebate check.. They call me the Coupon Lady at my Rite Aid ..haha

WiJoyMom said...

I have some extra tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, DEO, shampoo/etc. that I shouldn't need to buy any for quite some time.

I like CVS better because you have more time to spend the ECB. Plus they also have the bag tag to rack up 25 cents each day you make a purchase.

The coupon game at those stores is addicting but you need to becareful you aren't neglecting other responsibilities chasing after these deals, the items maybe 'freebies' but it does cost time & we all know your time is valueable.

I've taken a step back from the weekly coupons and only do the store deals, if it is something we need or too good of a deal to pass up & especially if I have ECB or RR to use.

There have been times that I 'have' to go to the store to use my RR because they will expire 'if' I don't use them that day. That has been stressful for me at times because I end up going about an hour before they close. I'm a mom to 6 so, the time I'm available to shop is later in the day. We go through toothbrushes & supplies.

Heather M said...

I'm a pro!
I have toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and children's toothpaste to last us probably 4-5 years!!
I have 60 tubes of toothpaste, about another 40 of children's! It's crazy how much stuff you can really get for free.

Also try Target and Walgreen's. And sometimes Walmart.

Check out it's a great one!

Saving Our Way said...

Here are my shops from this weekend!

Christa said...

I haven't been playing but I wish I have been because everyone seems to score some great deals! It's amazing how much money you can save, I've heard of people having CVS owe THEM money (although they don't get it obviously lol)

Anonymous said...

You should link your card to so that you receive emails they send periodically for $4 off $20 purchase, sometimes they send you something for a free CVS item. Also if your CVS has a price scanner, it's usually by the registers, you can scan your card and it prints out CVS coupons on the side, those expire within a week or so though. And get the green tag leaf which is .99 this week with .99 ECB back. You scan that once a day and on the 4th visit you earn $1 ECB.

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