Olivia: Olivia Takes Ballet DVD

Olivia is one of those shows that I don't mind watching with Evan. Her "rules of life" always crack me up.

Olivia: Olivia… Takes Ballet Episode Synopses:

Olivia Takes Ballet / Olivia and Her Ducklings
Olivia is determined to dance just like the ballerinas she’s seen in a ballet; the only thing she needs is a partner. Luckily, Uncle Garret (a professional football player) is visiting, and the two of them dance a surprisingly graceful pas de deux for Olivia’s whole class.

After a fun day at the park, Olivia and Ian return home with some unexpected visitors – a mother duck and her ducklings! The harder Olivia and Ian try to keep the ducks a secret from Mother and Father, the more household mischief they all seem to get into.

Olivia Runs a Carnival / Olivia Explores The Attic
When Mrs. Hogenmuller’s class plans a Parents’ Night, Olivia thrills her classmates when she suggests the idea of a carnival. In her own special way, Olivia oversees the construction of games and amusements and when the night of the carnival arrives, she still has a few surprises up her sleeve.

Olivia searches high and low for Grandma’s missing time capsule and eventually finds it tucked away, forgotten, in the attic. Olivia is puzzled and thrilled by the objects that she finds from Grandmother’s childhood and is inspired to create her own time capsule.

Olivia And The Anniversary Surprise / Olivia The Pet Monitor
It’s Olivia’s parents’ anniversary and they’re planning a night out at a special restaurant. When they can’t find a babysitter, Grandma happily volunteers. When Olivia suggests they all surprise Mom and Dad at dinner, she discovers the restaurant isn’t at all the way she imagined, but it’s a lot more fun!

Olivia and Francine both volunteer to be classroom pet monitor, so the teacher, Mrs. Hogenmuller, tells them each to explain why they deserve the job. Francine initially wins over the class with the help of her charming cat, Gwendolyn, but when it’s revealed that Francine is afraid of the class lizard, everyone is happy for Olivia to take over the job - especially Francine!

Olivia Goes Camping / Olivia Becomes A Vet
Francine comes along reluctantly on Olivia’s family camping trip, and Olivia can’t believe that anyone could be so unprepared for life in the great outdoors. But with a little hiking, bug catching and marshmallow roasting, Olivia is sure she can transform Francine from a novice to an expert camper.

After a trip to the vet with Julian’s pet lizard Bernie, Olivia is inspired to become a vet herself. She imagines herself curing all kinds of wild animals and back home she goes to work on the only two patients available: her pets! Her treatments for Edwin and Perry turn out to be a bit messier than she expected.

Olivia Take Ballet is about 95 minutes long and became available March 2nd. We had seen most of these episodes on television and were excited to have them on DVD. As always, we loved watching Olivia and all of her adventures. If your child loves Olivia as much as Evan does, this DVD will be the perfect addition to your collection.

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You can purchase Olivia Takes Ballet for $14.49 on Amazon.

This was not a paid post and honest opinions were used. The opinions are solely my own and may very from others. Thank you to Paramount/Nickelodeon who supplied the product for review.

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Tired Mom Tésa said...

My daughter loves Olivia and loves to dance. I think she would adore this. Maybe she'll find it in her Easter basket.

Cascia said...

My kids love Olivia. I agree it is a cute show.

Ken M said...

My son would like the Leapster 2 toys

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